Dramatis Personae

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Dramatis Personae

Major Players

Watch Captain Clades Spero: a member of the Death Spectres Space Marine Chapter, a successor chapter of the Raven Guard. He has been Watch Captain for some time now, guiding the new recruits through their rigorous initial missions. A quiet, studious man, who spends many hours in the archives of the Watch Fortress, ever expanding his knowledge of the forces against the Imperium of Man. He stands a bit taller than most Astartes with flowing white hair, the color of snow. The most striking part about him is his albinism, making him far paler than most Space Marines, a certain rarity within the ranks of the Adeptus Astartes. His cold white eyes seem to peer into the very depths of others. Not one for small talk, he remains true to his Chapter’s demeanor, laying things out concisely and more often than not bluntly. He retains an air of sadness about him, and when he speaks you can hear the despair in his sullen, low voice.

He was once a fearless assault marine, always leading the vanguard in his battles against the xenos scum. This is evident in the two Lighting Claws that he wears, when maintaining full battle regalia. His face, miraculously, has been untouched by battle, but his body is riddled with scars and implants due to his countless battles on the front lines. Nothing causes him fear, not even staring down the maw of a Carnifex, and he continues to show his prowess on the battlefield when the Watch Fortress needs him to do so.

Inquisitor Alaunus of the Ordo Xenos
An incredibly beautiful member of the Ordo Xenos, Alaunus is a rather young inquisitor, but retains an incredible amount of respect due to her knowledge on all things Xenos. She stands much shorter than an Adeptus Astartes, with long maroon hair reaching down her back, flowing over her Shamrock green armor. Her armor is fitted with pauldrons of ice white, and she carries a variety of trinkets and charms that flow down over her armor, creating a tingling sound as she walks. Her eyes match the color of her armor solidly and she has a bright disposition within her despite her gloomy surroundings. An insanely intelligent member of the Ordo Xenos, she excels with her wits and knowledge rather than her brute strength. Despite her lack of prowess in combat, she well makes up for it with her tactical know-how and quick planning.

She carries a power sword with her at all times, strapped securely to her back. It’s a marvelous weapon to behold and she wields it well-enough in combat. Her trinkets are many and vary in size and shape. Each one has a story to tell and there is a very particular reason she carries each one.

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