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Title CR Author
Abzorbenon (Incense Elemental)                       HVB
Ancestral Ghost            2 to 31+            Talanall
Azerothian Naga                       archiveadmin
Bile Myotis                       archiveadmin
Blood Rose                       Fixxxer
Book Beast                       archiveadmin
Bothrians            3 to 31+            Talanall
Bronze Gorgon                       Fixxxer
Brownie            4            Talanall
Cobra            1            Fixxxer
Crocodile, Large                       archiveadmin
Cu Sidhe, Seelie            4            Talanall
Cu Sidhe, Unseelie            4            Talanall
Daggersnake                       archiveadmin
Deer, Buck                       archiveadmin
Deer, Doe                       archiveadmin
Demon, Malezu                       archiveadmin
Dire Hyena                       archiveadmin
Dire Porcupine                       archiveadmin
Draugr            2 to 31+            Talanall
Dread Moth                       archiveadmin
Flying Squirrel                       archiveadmin
Frog                       archiveadmin
Frostbite                       archiveadmin
Garid            1 to 7            Talanall
Garment Fairy            2            Talanall
Giant Scarab Beetle                       archiveadmin
Goliath Frog                       archiveadmin
Grassland Hound                       archiveadmin
Ilmuktan Charger                       Talanall
Infected Template                       archiveadmin
Kangooran                       archiveadmin
Mosquito Swarm                       Fixxxer
Mumblebear                       archiveadmin
Ondine            5            Talanall
Overseer Zombie            1/4 to 8            Talanall
Piranha Swarm                       archiveadmin
Prism-Finned Sturgeon            1 to 4            Arkenian
Pygmy                       Fixxxer
Sluagh            3            Talanall
Squirrel                       archiveadmin
Star Wasp Swarm            6            Talanall
Storm Dwarf                       archiveadmin
Summonables: Summon Monster I            1/6 to 1            Talanall
Summonables: Summon Monster II            1/2 to 2            Talanall
Summonables: Summon Nature's Ally I            1/6 to 1            Talanall
Sybarl                       archiveadmin
Water Aranea                       archiveadmin
Waterbringer Hare                       archiveadmin
Woodbore Gecko                       archiveadmin