Turntable Knives

Turntable Knives

The Baron of Longtree was marching past his kitchens one day when he overheard two of his chefs speaking. Hearing his name, he paused to listen. The two chefs were both in agreement that all of the kitchen and serving knives they used were poorly made and wouldn’t cut butter, even after sharpening. The baron, being a cruel and mischievous man, immediately gathered his personal smith and his court wizard and demanded that special knives be made for the kitchen.

Within the month, the entire set of kitchen knives and matching serving knives was complete. The baron held a party for all the nobles of the land, planning it so that each course had to be sliced and served by the kitchen staff. He presented the new knives to the chefs as an uncharacteristic show of gratitude for their service and ordered all other knives broken and thrown out of his keep.

During the first course of the party, the head chef himself came out to slice and serve the Baron. Before he could even complete the first cut, his hand slid down the blade, cutting deep and drawing a massive amount of blood. The Baron furiously chastised the chef and demanded that another more competent server be brought to him. The second server took great care to please the Baron, but his hand also slid down the blade of the knife, causing and ugly wound that bled freely.

The Baron went through his entire kitchen staff, demanding that each one cut the food of him and his guests and appearing furious as each one cut himself deeply on the new knives, not even pausing when one unfortunate lad passed out due to blood loss. The nobles, who left as soon as etiquette allowed, deemed the party a failure. The Baron took the opportunity to blame his kitchen staff, having many of them flogged for their failure. After the spectacle, he took great pleasure in informing his staff that they brought their troubles on themselves and they would continue to use their new knives indefinitely.

Turntable knives is a matching set of wood-handled kitchen knives, though each knife functions independently from the others. Possession of the full set is not required for a knife’s magic to function. Each blade is cursed, causing the wielder to hurt himself as he makes a cut.

The knives each function as a +1 keen dagger of wounding. When the wielder of such a blade deals damage, his hand automatically slips from the handle and along the blade, dealing damage to the wielder. All attacks and skill checks involving the use of that hand take a -2 penalty until magical healing or a successful heal check (DC 15) is made. Furthermore, the wound will continue to bleed, dealing an additional point of damage until magical healing or a successful heal check (DC 15) is made. Anyone wearing metal gloves or gauntlets is immune to this, though leather or similar materials won’t stop the blade.