Trogar the Axe

Son of Wrogar, son of Marit
Male dwarf pal 5:
CR 5; Medium humanoid (dwarf); Hit Dice 5d10+10; 37 hp; Init +0; Spd 20 ft. (4 squares); AC 20 (10 touch, 20 flat-footed); BAB/Grapple +5/+7; Atk +8 melee (1d10+2/x3, masterwork cold iron dwarven waraxe), +5 ranged (1d10/19-20, heavy crossbow); SA detect evil, lay on hands, smite evil 2/day, turn undead 4/day; SQ aura of good, aura of courage, darkvision 60 ft., divine grace, divine health, special mount, stability, stonecunning, weapon familiarity, +2 racial bonus on saving throws vs. poison, +2 racial bonus on saving throws vs. spells and spell-like abilities, +1 racial bonus on attack rolls vs. orcs and goblinoids, +4 dodge bonus to AC vs. giants, +2 racial bonus on Appraise and Craft checks involving stone or metal; AL LG; Fort +7, Reflex +2, Will +5; Str 14, Dex 10, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 17, Cha 13.
Skills and Feats: Diplomacy +8, Knowledge (religion) +6, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +5, Ride +5, Sense Motive +8 Speak Language (Common, Dwarven, Giant); Power Attack, Cleave.
Typical Paladin Spells Prepared: 1st-bless weapon.
Possessions: masterwork cold iron dwarven waraxe, masterwork full plate, heavy steel shield, heavy crossbow, 10 bolts, holy symbol, 1d4 gp, 1d8 sp, and 2d6 cp.

A heavyset, muscular-looking dwarf stands before you, encased in exquisitely made full plate. A shield is slung across his back, and he carries a heavy axe in his right hand, leaning on it as if it’s a cane. Curiously, he appears to have shaved off his beard, revealing a square, massive jaw, but he’s retained his mustache.

Trogar is a dwarf living among humans, and an outcast from his clan, as were his father and his grandfather before him. Trogar’s grandfather, Marit, was one of the rare berserkers who appear from time to time in dwarven culture. Though good-hearted, Marit suffered from an explosive temper, and when he slew another dwarf in a rage over their competing claims for an important military post, he was exiled from his clanhold and declared an outlaw.

Marit wandered out of the mountains in search of a new life, after that, and eventually he was taken in by the great-great-grandfather of Lord Algart Wægmunding. Marit swore fealty, and his son Wrogar grew up to follow his example, as did Trogar. Eventually, they also converted away from the worship of their ancestral deities, the Stone Lords, and turned to the service of Derena in imitation of their lords.

Since the death of Lord Algart, Trogar has found himself in a terrible quandary - as a faithful retainer of the Wægmunding line, he owes Alvart his loyalty. But as a paladin of Derena, he is appalled by the degenerate conduct of his liege lord. He has, so far, attempted to educate Alvart in the proper behavior for the head of an ancient noble house, but the boy is intractable, and Trogar is becoming desperate to curb his excesses before he disgraces his family or commits some evil action so vile that Trogar will be unable to justify further attempts to redeem him.

Owing to the rapidly worsening behavior of his young lord, Trogar is now willing to place his last hopes for a good outcome upon a grain of truth in legends about the boy's ancestors-according to some of the private records kept in the library of the Wægmunding family, Nithingsbane’s loss marked the beginning of a slow but steady decline in the fortunes of the line. Trogar suspects that the blade may be intelligent; indeed, he knows that such things are possible because of his training as a member of the clergy of Derena. It is his hope that saddling young Alvart with the sword of his ancestors may provide the crucial edge he will need if he is to prevent the boy from completing his slide into darkness.

To that end, he has enlisted the unknowing help of Flandargambil Boddon, a gnomish bard whose services as a propagandist have recently been hired by Alvart. On the sly, Trogar has paid Boddon to feature Nithingsbane as a prominent element of the ballads and epics the songster will compose, and to report back to Trogar if any adventurers show interest in the rumors.

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