Monsters of Tolrea

The world of Tolrea and the planes beyond it are home to a staggering variety of creatures. Explorers in the wilderness and forgotten places of the multiverse are confronted, seemingly at every turn, by new and strange forms of life. In addition to those creatures found in the Monster Manual v.3.5, the following creatures make up only a fraction of all those which lie in wait for adventurers to discover them.

Alignment is treated a little differently in the Tolrea setting, compared to how it is handled in standard campaign settings. In most cases, the "Alignment" line of a monster entry in the core rulebook is only a loose guideline to its likely alignment. The DM should honor the alignments issued in the core rules for all creatures with the Undead and Fey types, as well as for all creatures with the Chaotic, Evil, Good and Lawful subtypes. For all other creatures with an Intelligence score greater than 3, including dragons, the Alignment line of the monster's entry should be treated as if it reads "Any."

Creatures with the Animal and Vermin types do not not speak or understand any languages because Animals have Intelligence scores equal to 1 or 2, and Vermin are mindless. When the celestial and fiendish templates are applied to them, their Intelligence scores increase to 3, and they gain the power to understand speech. Celestial creatures understand Celestial. Fiendish creatures understand Infernal.

Monster CR Author
Ancestral Ghost 2 to 31+                 Talanall
Bothrians 3 to 31+                 Talanall
Brownie 4                 Talanall
Cu Sidhe, Seelie 4                 Talanall
Cu Sidhe, Unseelie 4                 Talanall
Garid 1 to 7                 Talanall
Ilmuktan Charger                 Talanall
Ondine 5                 Talanall
Overseer Zombie 1/4 to 8                 Talanall
Prism-Finned Sturgeon 1 to 4                 Arkenian
Sluagh 3                 Talanall
Star Wasp Swarm 6                 Talanall