Talented Crafter

Talented Crafter [General] By supplementing your crafting with parts of your personality, you are able to craft magic items with less taxing on your soul. Prerequisite: Any two item creation feats Benefit: When creating a magic item, instead of paying the normal cost in XP, you may instead opt to reduce the XP cost by 25 percent, but you must sacrifice Charisma to do so. The amount of Charisma that is sacrificed is equal to 2 points for a minor item, 6 points for a medium item or 10 points for a major item. Unlike ability damage, these points return at a rate of 1 per week and may not be healed with any magic short of a miracle or wish. You may not craft any magic item while your Charisma is drained in this way. You may not use this feat if doing so would reduce your Charisma below 1. The cost of raw materials is not affected by this feat. Normal: Base XP costs for magic item creation are 1/25 of the item’s base price. Special: A wizard may select Talented Crafter as one of his wizard bonus feats.