Storm Dwarf

Medium Outsider (Air)
Hit Dice: 5d8+5 (27 hp)
Initiative: +9
Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares)
Armor Class: 20 (+5 Dex, +3 studded leather, +2 heavy steel shield), touch 15, flat-footed 15 (-3 Armor Check)
Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+7
Attack: Warhammer +7 melee (1d8+2) or shocking beard +7 melee touch (2d6 electricity)
Full Attack: Warhammer +7 melee (1d8+2) and shocking beard +2 melee touch (2d6 electricity)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Call lightning, shocking beard, thunderclap
Special Qualities: Arrowhawk familiarity, darkvision 60 ft., goblin hunter, immunity to electricity, resistance to sonic 10, stability, stormsense
Saves: Fort +5, Ref +11, Will +4
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 21, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 16
Skills: Balance +10, Climb +6, Concentration +8, Diplomacy +3*, Jump +7, Knowledge (nature) +5, Knowledge (the planes) +6, Listen +8, Ride +7*, Search+4, Spot +8, Survival +6, Tumble +10.
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Lightning ReflexesB
Environment: Elemental Plane of Air
Organization: Solitary, pair, thunderhead (2–6), storm (6–-10 plus 1d4 medium storm
elementals), or lightning storm (12–-30 plus 2d4 medium storm elementals)
Challenge Rating: 5
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Always chaotic (any)
Advancement: By character class
Level Adjustment: +4
This short, stocky humanoid possesses a fierce demeanor. Its body crackles with static, and radiates a strong smell of ozone.
Storm dwarves are outsiders native to the Elemental Plane of Air created by the dwarven god of retribution and storms, Brohnzin. They serve as the avatars of his vengeance, fighting against those who would wrong his people. Physically, storm dwarves strongly resemble their mundane counterparts, although their features are much more pronounced and defined. Storm dwarves have a bluish or purplish tint to their skin, with fierce violet, jade, yellow, or indigo eyes and vibrant purple or blue hair. Their long, braided beards constantly crackle with electricity, and their skin is slightly charged, emitting a small static shock upon contact with another creature.

Storm dwarves are even more fearless and determined than the dwarves they protect. A storm dwarf’s rage is a terrible thing to behold and often means the death of the creature that invoked it; once angered, a storm dwarf is virtually impossible to placate using any means. They are particularly fierce when fighting orcs and goblinoids, the eternal foes of dwarven kind. Storm dwarves live for battle; when not protecting dwarves or fighting their enemies, storm dwarves are usually drilling against one another. Oftentimes they will hold elaborate mock battles against a rival group that can last weeks or even months. At the end of these “practices”, as they call them, a grand week-long feast is held for both sides in honor of the victor, who is given a new title to commemorate his victory. It is not uncommon for a single storm dwarf to hold dozens of titles from the various conquests he has achieved over others of his kind through such battles.

A storm dwarf is the same height and weight as a dwarf, with females noticeably smaller. They speak Auran, Common, and Dwarven.


Storm dwarves are resilient combatants that exercise an extreme amount of military planning in even the simplest battle. Most storm dwarves resort to melee first, although a storm dwarf wizard, known as a stormcaller, often accompanies groups of warriors. They typically save their call lightning ability in the event that a retreat becomes necessary, although when accompanied by storm elementals they will use it to heal them if needed.

Storm dwarf elders sometimes give high-ranking storm dwarves a hatchling arrowhawk. Such a gift is considered a very high honor amongst storm dwarves, as it is given to only the most gifted of warriors. It is the storm dwarf’s responsibility to care for and raise this arrowhawk, as well as train it for battle. A storm dwarf and its arrowhawk mount often develop an extremely close bond akin to that of blood brothers. Arrowhawks are given honorary titles for the same types of achievements as storm dwarves; possessing a highly decorated arrowhawk is also an honor for its rider.

Storm dwarves with character levels typically advance as fighters (their favored class), honing their already impressive military skills. Barbarians are also fairly prominent, and wizards usually rise up through the ranks. Storm dwarf clerics are relatively rare, but typically worship Brohnzin and can choose from two of the following domains: Air, Chaos, Strength, or War.
Arrowhawk Familiarity (Ex): Storm dwarves are intimately familiar with arrowhawks, granting them a +4 racial bonus on Diplomacy and Ride checks dealing with such creatures.

Call Lightning (Sp): Once per day, a storm dwarf can call down a series of violet bolts of lightning, similar to those produced by call lightning (DC 16), with a caster level equal to its total hit dice. The save DC is Charisma-based. Alternatively, two or more storm dwarves working in unison can create the effects of call lightning storm (DC 18), which requires each storm dwarf to use up their daily use of this ability. The caster level and save DC of this ability are determined by the hit dice of the highest-level storm dwarf contributing to the effect. Up to 6 storm dwarves can contribute to a lighting storm. For each additional storm dwarf beyond the first two that contributes to this effect, add +1 to the DC and caster level.

Shocking Beard (Su): As a melee touch attack, a storm dwarf can hit an opponent with its beard, dealing 2d6 points of electricity damage.

Stormsense (Ex): A storm dwarf can sense stormy weather conditions, such as a rain shower, clouds and wind, hot and cloudy conditions, or even a tornado. A storm dwarf is constantly aware of the weather conditions one day before they occur, as if he had succeeded on a Survival check. If a storm dwarf makes a Survival check to determine the weather more than a day before it occurs, he is aware of the weather conditions for one additional day beyond what his check result would normally indicate.

Thunderclap (Su): Whenever a storm dwarf scores a critical hit with any weapon it wields (including natural attacks or ranged attacks), it deals an additional 2d6 points of sonic damage. In addition, the struck creature must make a Fortitude save (DC 13) or be deafened for 1d4 rounds. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Storm Dwarf Items

Bursting Stone: These small, gray stones are about 2 inches in diameter and contain a single sound burst spell. You can throw a bursting stone as a ranged attack with a range increment of 20 feet. When it strikes a hard surface (or is struck hard), it releases the stored spell, dealing 1d8 points of sonic damage to all creatures within 10 feet, who must also make a DC 13 Fortitude save or be stunned for 1 round. Creatures that cannot hear are not stunned but are still damaged.
Faint Evocation; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, sound burst; Price: 300 gp, weight -