Small City, population 9,208 (37% human, 20% dwarf, 18% elf, 10% gnome, 7% half-elf, 5% half-orc, 3% halfling)

GP Limit: 15,000 gp.

Cash on Hand (Total for City): 6,906,000 gp.

Imports: Charcoal, coal, glass, lamp oil, pottery, salt, tools, wood

Exports: Bronze, caviar, copper, fish, tin

Community Authorities

Imperial Satrap Albus Philomath (LN male human ari 9); Edgils Bjark (LE male dwarf wiz 10), Master of the Silver Square Society.

Military Formations

City Watch: Watch-Captain Dimuintalias Elmentar (LG female elf war 13) oversees the patrols and general operations of the city watch, which consists of a complement of 92 guards. All are 1st-level warriors.

Militia: Under the command of the Imperial Satrap. 460 levies total.

Aristocrats: 5 total (1 4th-level, 2 2nd-level, 2 1st-level); Clerics: 1 total (4th-level); Paladins: 1 total (7th-level); Warriors: 453 total (1 10th-level, 2 6th-level, 2 5th-level, 4 3rd-level, 4 2nd-level, 440 1st-level).

Other NPCs

58 adepts (2 10th-level, 4 5th-level, 8 2nd-level, 44 1st-level); 52 aristocrats (1 8th-level, 3 4th-level, 6 2nd-level, 42 1st-level); 30 barbarians (2 9th-level, 4 4th-level, 8 2nd-level, 16 1st-level); 30 bards (1 11th-level, 1 8th-level, 2 5th-level, 2 4th-level, 8 2nd-level, 16 1st-level); 29 clerics (2 9th-level, 3 4th-level, 8 2nd-level, 16 1st-level); 8,037 commoners (1 20th-level, 1 18th-level, 2 10th-level, 2 9th-level, 4 5th-level, 4 4th-level, 16 2nd-level, 8,007 1st-level); 22 druids (1 11th-level, 1 7th-level, 2 5th-level, 2 3rd-level, 4 2nd-level, 12 1st-level); 287 experts (1 16th-level, 1 11th-level, 2 8th-level, 2 5th-level, 4 4th-level, 12 2nd-level, 265 1st-level); 30 fighters (1 9th-level, 1 8th-level, 4 4th-level, 8 2nd-level, 16 1st-level); 30 monks (1 9th-level, 1 8th-level, 4 4th-level, 8 2nd-level, 16 1st-level); 21 paladins (1 9th-level, 2 4th-level, 2 3rd-level, 4 2nd-level, 12 1st-level); 30 rangers (1 9th-level, 1 8th-level, 4 4th-level, 8 2nd-level, 16 1st-level); 30 rogues (2 11th-level, 4 5th-level, 8 2nd-level, 16 1st-level); 30 shamans (1 8th-level, 2 5th-level, 2 4th-level, 8 2nd-level, 16 1st-level); 22 sorcerers (1 9th-level, 1 7th-level, 2 4th-level, 2 3rd-level, 4 2nd-level, 12 1st-level); 29 wizards (1 9th-level, 2 5th-level, 2 4th-level, 8 2nd-level, 16 1st-level).

Stogna predates the Aureshan Empire, since it was originally the site of a large dwarven clanhold that took advantage of plentiful tin and copper deposits to the east of the city. The oldest sections of the city still exhibit dwarven architectural influence after nearly a thousand years under imperial rule, and dwarves still dominate the mining and smelting operations that serve as mainstays of the economy and the major sources of refined bronze, copper, and tin ingots for the empire.

Almost as important to the city’s economic prosperity is the prism-finned sturgeon fishery of Lake Adrag to the west. The great fish often reach lengths of ten feet, with rare examples up to twice that length, and their flesh is prized locally as a food item. Their tiny eggs’ rich flavor makes prism-fin caviar famous as far away as Port Hope, and the spring spawning season is preceded by a frantic rush to harvest as many gravid females as possible so that their roe can be preserved and shipped away for sale. Endless monitoring and intervention by druids in the area ensures that the fisheries are not depleted past the great fishes’ ability to replace their losses—and that the price of caviar stays high.

A few of Stogna’s wealthiest young citizens have recently joined Edgils Bjark, the last scion of an old dwarven mining family, to form the Silver Square Society. This small club of rich troublemakers has lately made contact with the ruthless necromantic cartels of Enteria’s bleak banyan wine market. They have recently begun trading money and caviar for small shipments of wine, which they distribute for sale elsewhere in the Empire. Their political and business connections in Stogna have thus far shielded them from scrutiny, and if their activities go undiscovered for a short while longer they will be able to afford bribes and mercenaries sufficient to fend off all but the bravest, most incorruptible of Imperial agents.

In addition to the activities expected from a drug smuggling ring, the several Silver Square Society’s members take advantage of their connection with Enteria’s necromancers to indulge their interests in forbidden magic. The necromancers are well-versed in all manner of arcane depravity, and Edgils and his closest confidantes are proving eager to learn from them.

Despite its relatively small size, Stogna is the capitol of Adrag Province. Imperial Satrap Albus Philomath, a middle-aged human of exceptional charisma and loyalty to the throne, is both the head of city government and the administrator of the strategically important northeastern frontier of the Empire. Due to Satrap Philomath’s background as a cavalry captain in the Ninth Legion, he enjoys a better-than-usual working relationship with the Legion’s forces at Caster Adrag on the Imperial border with the Federated River Kingdoms. He and the general there, an irascible elf named Darelon Verintelmar, are close friends and hunt together when the opportunity arises.

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