Ring of Unending Adventure

Ring of Unending Adventure:

Takemen Urom was a very frustrated halfling. Takemen was a sorcerer of some power, and had successfully been part of a larger adventuring group for a number of years. Swords of power, wands of magic, and a wide range of magical trinkets were plentiful for the cooperative group. Takemen, however, could never find enough items to eliminate inconvenience. Takemen was bothered by the need to sleep, eat, drink, answer nature's call, and rest after a long day’s march. Perhaps Takemen was impatient, but the result of his frustration would become one of the most envied items in all the realms.

Takemen searched far and wide for items of power that would eliminate the pesky details that hamper the common adventurer. The ring of sustenance he had found in the early days of the party's adventures was a handy bauble, but Takemen considered it merely a stepping-stone on the way to something better. Takemen inquired in every town and city he traveled to, inquiring with every high-end magic item trader and seller he could find. Though Takemen found many wonderful and handy items, even eventually finding a rare copy of Darius Gall's ring of controllable urge, Takeman was unsatisfied.

Taking matters into his own hands, Takemen gathered all the talented magic-crafters he knew and set about learning how to create his own rings. After a few weeks of study, Takemen was ready to tackle the challenge of creating the most convenient item ever made. He took what knowledge he had of arcane spells, and spliced together the most convenient effects he could find.

The result was a finely crafted ring of three finely interwoven metal bands. Each band is of a different precious metal: one of silver, one of gold, and one of electrum. Once the ring has been worn continuously for one week, the wearer is freed from several bothersome personal needs. The wearer is nearly tireless, needing only four hours of little to no activity in order to restore a day's worth of rest. The wearer does not, however, recover any hit points or ability points without sleep. The wearer may choose to spend two hours sleeping in order to gain hit points and ability points as if he or she had rested for a full eight hours. The wearer also has no need of food or drink, much as with a ring of sustenance, and becomes incredibly resistant to exhaustion and fatigue, gaining a +8 resistance bonus to Fortitude saves against exhaustion or fatigue as long as the ring is worn. The wearer no longer has any need to answer nature's call, but unlike Darius Gall's ring of controllable urge, the ring of unending adventure need never be removed in order for the wearer to purge waste from his or her system; instead, bodily waste is eliminated altogether.

Moderate transmutation; CL 12th; Forge Ring, bear’s endurance, create food and water, touch of fatigue; Price 22,250 gp.