Reactionary Barrier A

Reactionary Barrier A
Psychokinesis [Force]
Psion/wilder 6
Display: Material
Manifesting Time: 1 immediate action
Range: Personal
Effect: Wall whose area is up to 20 ft. square or a 5-foot radius sphere
Duration: See text
Power Points: 11

As an immediate action, you create an invisible, indestructible wall of force, similar to the wall of force spell. When cast, you choose to either create a wall or a sphere.

A wall-type barrier is flat and continuous, and must be created adjacent to the manifester. A sphere-type barrier is created centered on the manifester. Both kinds of barriers, once created, are immobile and exist until the beginning of the manifester’s next turn.

Augment: If you choose the wall-shape, for every 4 additional power points you spend, the area increases by 10 feet. If you choose the sphere-type, for every 6 additional power points you spend, the radius is increased by 5 feet.