A worn out, termite-eaten birch quarterstaff of indeterminate age, the Phalieschawaater is actually quite a deceptively effective weapon. Made ages ago by a wizard whose name has been forgotten to time, most stories about this staff say that the creator was forced to live in a barn during most of his apprenticeship. Upon learning how to create magical weapons, he set about empowering his only weapon to be more effective against the insects that had made his waking life difficult by keeping him up at night, tormenting him just out of reach. Of course, the insect kingdom eventually had the last laugh when this young wizard was felled in a giant termite lair, and his precious staff, while not destroyed, was severely weakened due to the occasional gnawing of the termites.

While it appears on the verge of crumbling to pieces, Phalieschawaater is quite sturdy, as its magic is still strong. It is quite effective against insects and arachnids of any kind, though it comes with a catch. As the power of the staff seems to be keyed specifically to insects, it draws them to the wielder, quite literally like a moth to a flame. Many of the staff’s prior wielders have tried in various ways to circumvent this effect, but with no luck. A few stories about the staff say that its creator slept with the staff hidden well away from him to draw the bugs away from him so he could get some rest.

Phalieschawaater is a +1/+1 quarterstaff made from a solid pole of birch. Upon first glance, it almost appears to be made from cork, as it is full of holes and pits caused by the chewing of termites. Against any insect or arachnid creature, the staff’s threat range is increased to 19-20/x2. In combat, there is a 50% chance per round that any creature with the vermin type will attack the wielder of Phalieschawaater over any other potential target.

Minor conjuration; CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, summon swarm; Price 14,600gp; Cost 7,000gp + 560 XP.