NPCs of Tolrea

The availability of ready-to-use Non-Player Characters to serve as allies, quest-givers, or adversaries to the Player Characters, or just to add depth and verisimilitude, is one of the conveniences of using a prepared setting.

Below is an index of all the prepared NPCs associated with the Tolrea setting.

Monster CR Author
Albus Philomath, Imperial Satrap of Adrag Province 8                 Talanall
Alvart Algartsson, Lord Wægmunding 2                 Talanall
Barth Ewell, Purveyor of Fine and Not-So-Fine Horses and Mules, Veterinarian, and Farrier 4                 Talanall
Belda Grimilon, Marchioness of Zeno 2                 Talanall
Captain Nebbin "Lemonbiter" Hardpick 6                 Talanall
Damer Bors, General of the Seventh Legion of Auresh 9                 Talanall
Duke Merenstone Hope 11                 Talanall
Elspet Aliquisa, Dowager Baroness Morendrel, Speaker for the League of Truth 14                 Talanall
Emperor Aurelon IV 7                 Talanall
Enway, Bleak Cartel Chairman 17                 Talanall
Fafrilla, Mayor of Golden Sheaves 10                 Talanall
Flandargambil “Flittertongue” Boddon 3                 Talanall
Gelinat, Doppelganger Enchanter 8                 Talanall
Grand Magus Vim of the Worshipful Order of the Squared Circle 13                 Talanall
Gronk, "King" of Strelk 8                 Talanall
Guild Master Soren Vast 16                 Talanall
Harel Spelsen 7                 Talanall
Hursk, Mayor of Keriel's turn, Owner of the Goblin's Head Tavern 3                 Talanall
Ilexor, Innkeeper at the Gentle Bramble Inn 9                 Talanall
Jameson (and Helena) Gord 9 to 13                 Talanall
Jordinel "Goldenthumbs" Glimstickel 7                 Talanall
Josiah Brewster 9                 Talanall
Kamin Moriah, Arch-chancellor of the Imperial University 15                 Talanall
Karen Stellsen 15                 Talanall
King Gorthram VII 5                 Talanall
Lord Brithwon the Grim 7                 Talanall
Marc Grandlekeen, Trollkiller, Trapper and Researcher                 Talanall
Orosius, Duke of Quar 3                 Talanall
Quelramas Berelmin, Chairman of the Righteous and Benevolent Society of the Argent Fountain 8                 Talanall
Shrine of the Joyous Tears 8 to 10                 Talanall
Sir Thornton Fitzwalder 15                 Talanall
Teodora IV, God-Queen 13                 Talanall
Teoric VI, God-King 12                 Talanall
Trogar the Axe 5                 Talanall
Wellsley Ormens, Owner of the Sandy Oasis Tavern 5                 Talanall
Winilistrae, Archdruid of the Tallwood 12                 Talanall