Martial Arts Styles

The pursuit of martial arts training according to school or style confers benefits unavailable to those afforded simply by taking levels in the monk class and choosing feats according to one's own plans. Characters master a style when they possess all of the listed prerequisites. For some styles, this amounts to no more than gaining every entry on a list of feats; for others it is necessary to multiclass in order to fulfill a requirement calling for access to spells or to a specific class ability. Since many of the most prominent styles in the world of Tolrea were created by religious organizations, martial arts styles tend to reward characters who multiclass in ways that are consistent with life in these organizations.

The Sectarian Styles: Many of these schools require training in the druidic mysteries to master. Advanced practitioners of the sectarian styles frequently expand the boundaries of the wild shape ability, or learn to channel their spells into devastating unarmed strikes.

The Temple Styles: Mastery in these styles often requires training as a cleric or paladin, since the temple schools were developed by and for the clergy of the Celestial Court. Many of these martial arts are characterized by their requirement that their students learn to channel positive or negative energy or infuse divine magic into their attacks.

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