Lord Brithwon the Grim

Lord of the Delving and commander of the garrison of Riverguard
Male dwarf ari 1/ftr 7
: CR 7; Medium humanoid (dwarf); Hit Dice 1d8+3 plus 7d10+21; 73 hp; Init -1; Spd 20 ft. (4 squares); AC 22 (12 touch, 21 flat-footed); BAB/Grapple +7/+10; Atk +12 melee (1d10+6/x3, +1 dwarven waraxe); Full atk +12/+7 melee (1d10+6/x3, +1 dwarven waraxe); SQ +1 racial bonus to attack rolls vs. orcs and goblinoids, +2 racial bonus to saves vs. poison/spells/spell-like abilities, +2 racial bonus to Appraise and Craft checks involving stone, +4 dodge bonus to AC vs. giants, darkvision 60 ft. stability, stonecunning, weapon familiarity with dwarven waraxe and dwarven urgosh; AL LE; SV Fort +9, Reflex +4, Will +6; Str 17, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 10.
Skills and Feats: Balance -3, Bluff +2, Climb +4, Diplomacy +4, Jump +4, Knowledge (geography) +2, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +2, Ride +6, Sense Motive +3, Speak Language (Common, Dwarven); Dodge, Endurance, Iron Will, Power Attack, Toughness, Weapon Focus (dwarven waraxe), Weapon Specialization (dwarven waraxe).
Possessions: +1 dwarven waraxe, cloak of resistance +1, ring of protection +1, ring of sustenance , masterwork full plate, masterwork heavy steel shield, cold iron dwarven waraxe.

Lord Brithwon serves in Riverguard, heading up the garrison of hardened dwarven warriors who guard the primary approach to the city of Merethrone. Brithwon gained his appointment as the commander of the Riverguard garrison because of his unswerving loyalty not to the kings of the dwarven realm, but to the realm itself; he despises most non-dwarf races, and distrusts even those he doesn't hate. The continually foul mood he harbors because his duties force him to deal politely with surface-dwellers is one of the chief reasons why he has gained his epithet, "the Grim;" the other reason is that he considers it inevitable that his fortress will someday be attacked. When and how, he doesn't know, but he intends to be ready when it happens.

Despite his paranoia, Lord Brithwon makes an excellent commander. He is, racist leanings notwithstanding, a trained diplomat who understands the political importance of his actions, and this makes him intolerant of misbehavior on the part of the soldiers under his command. King Gorthram feels comfortable trusting him as a commander, even if he finds it reprehensible that Lord Brithwon would rather beat a human senseless than trade with one; like most dwarves, Gorthram prefers defensive warfare and knows that Brithwon's conservatism, his suspicion, and his distaste for humans, elves, and other surface folk makes it unlikely that he will allow himself to be tricked into sallying away from his post and leaving unguarded the tunnel and barge routes to Merethrone.

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