A Lion In The Ropes


A Lion In The Ropes

Author: Stephen Chenault
Publisher: Troll Lord Games
Level: 4-8/ 2-4 level PCs
ISBN: 0-9702397-5-0
Pages: 22
Rating: 8 out of 10
Retail Price: $6.00

A Lion In The Ropes is an adventure written shortly after the release of D&D version 3.0 and published by Troll Lord Games. It is set in a specific campaign world, called Erde, though there was little campaign-specific material, and nothing that couldn’t be easily changed. The adventure is suitable for 4-8 characters of 2nd to 4th level.

The adventure takes place within an area roughly five miles square that contains three neighboring villages. Within recent months, people have come up missing, only to have their mutilated bodies found later, washed up on the bank of a local river. The villagers have found large feline footprints in the area and have reason to believe that a cat-like demon is stalking the area. At the same time, unquiet spirits begin manifesting themselves at a local cathedral, unbeknownst to the villagers. Finally, a bandit lord and his followers have recently moved into the area and are terrorizing the local roads. The only source of security the three village have is their protector lord, who is protector in name only, since he is now at the venerable age of 101. Clearly, brave heroes are needed in the area.

This adventure was interesting to me because unlike the average adventure, there is more than one issue happening simultaneously. These issues confuse and blend with each other, making the situation seem a bit more real and less scripted. I had few negative issues with the adventure, with the only one of note being the inclusion of a non-core race called ungern, which I imagine must be specific to the setting this adventure was written for. If it bothers the DM as it bothers me, it would be a simple matter to replace the ungern bandits with orcs.

All in all, I’d say that A Lion In The Ropes is a pretty complete adventure. It might be a little bit tough for the minimum given party structure (four 2nd level PCs), but such a party is almost guaranteed to advance in level by the end of the adventure. With a minimal amount of work, A Lion In The Ropes could be suited to just about any gaming group, and I would definitely consider running it in my own game.