Keriel's Turn

Village, population 684 (37% human, 20% halfling, 18% elf, 10% dwarf, 7% gnome, 5% half-elf, 3% half-orc)
GP Limit:
200 gp.
Cash on Hand (Total for City):
6840 gp.

Imports: Lumber, pitch, tools, canvas, and rope.

Exports: Riverboats, fish, sailors.

Community Authorities

Barth Ewell (NG male halfling exp 3/rng 2), purveyor in fine and not-so-fine horses and mules, veterinarian, and farrier; Hursk (CN male half-orc ftr 2/war2), mayor of Keriel's Turn, owner and operator of the Goblin's Head Tavern, and commander of the township militia; Nerraella Tinnilstrathor (NE elf female brd 4), professional gambler, musician, and Velvet Purse operative.

Military Formations

Keriel's Turn Constabulary:* 6 members—1 fighter (1st-level) 1 ranger (1st-level), 4 warriors (1st-level).

The Militia: 34 members—22 commoners (1st-level), 4 experts (1 3rd-level, 3 1st-level), 2 fighters (1 2nd-level, 1 1st-level), 1 ranger (1st-level), 5 warriors (1st-level)

Other NPCs

6 adepts (1 5th-level, 2 2nd-level, 3 1st-level); 3 aristocrats (3 1st-level); 3 barbarians (1 3rd-level, 2 1st-level); 6 bards (2 2nd-level, 4 1st-level); 569 commoners (1 9th-level, 2 4th-level, 4 2nd-level, 562 1st-level); 17 experts (1 6th-level, 16 1st-level); 3 fighters (1 4th-level, 2 1st-level); 3 monks (1 3rd-level, 2 1st-level); 3 rogues (1 3rd-level, 2 1st-level); 3 sorcerers (1 3rd-level, 2 1st-level); 24 warriors (1 4th-level, 1 2nd-level, 22 1st-level).

Situated at the junction of the Moorwash and Mereflow rivers, Keriel's Turn is named for a long-dead pirate who once operated from the harbor here, raiding the ships that ferried goods back and forth between the nascent village of Port Hope and the dwarven fort at the foot of the Merefall, which later grew into the village of Riverguard. The inhabitants of the Turn retain the reputation for cunning and mendacity associated with their town's namesake, and most of them make their living as fishermen, riverboat crewmen, or as shipwrights, chandlers, innkeepers, bartenders, and other trades which support the rivermen. The Velvet Purse is particularly active here, as well, rightfully conscious of the Turn's importance as a point from which to control trade, and sometimes clandestinely sponsor pirates to prey upon their rivals. 

* The constabulary force of Keriel's Turn is currently without a head constable. The incumbent in office, one Turel Graystone (LN dwarf male ftr 4) is missing, and after an absence of nearly six weeks is also presumed dead. Mayor Hursk is currently searching for a new candidate to fill the office.

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