Galal's Grave


Galal's Grave

Author: Jaimie Lloyd
Publisher: Troll Lord Games
Level: 4 1st level PCs
ISBN: 1-931275-00-9
Pages: 22
Rating: 2 out of 10
Retail Price: $6.00


Galal’s Grave is a short adventure written for version 3.0, the first such adventure published by Fiend Games. It is suitable for a 1st level party of adventurers. The adventure has a very “1st edition” feel, in that there is less logical lead-up to the how and why of things and more of an assumption that the PCs will go here and do this just because that’s how the adventure plays out. To be honest, this did not endear the adventure to me at all.

The basic idea of the adventure is that the tomb of a hero lies nearby and is apparently just begging to be plundered. A handful of hooks are given to introduce the PCs to the fact that the tomb is nearby, but there is only one such hook that actually gives them reason to go check it out. Unfortunately, this hook is the oft-overused “bigger, stronger, more powerful NPC that could take the entire party without breaking a sweat needs the party to do this thing for him.” Along the way, several potential reasons for the party to get involved are suggested at, but the only one that the adventure actually uses is that an evil being placed a curse upon the tomb and only by venturing inside and removing the physical object of this curse can it be lifted.

In truth, there is very little to this adventure. It’s so short it could easily be run start to finish in a single three-hour session. The history of the adventure location makes heavy use of world-known events that a DM might not want involved with his own game world. Last, the adventure is extremely wishy-washy about just about everything, from why the PCs are involved to who or what the opposing protagonist is. There is one small redeeming quality, however. The adventure includes a number of new monsters which, while needing updating to be brought up to 3.5 standards, don’t seem to be very poorly designed at all.

If you run a game where the PCs go places and do things because that’s how the adventure is written, or if you just want a very basic one-shot adventure to run for a new group, Galal’s Grave could be an interesting choice. Personally, though, I don’t think I’ll ever be running this adventure for a group myself.