False Ring of Controllable Urge

The False Rings of Controllable Urge

Tramas Skiel always had a “get rich quick” scheme hidden up the sleeve of his robes. The lesser of his life’s two largest problems is that none of his schemes ever worked. Every time he attempted to use his magic to make money quickly, his ideas crumbled and fell apart. In theory, his plans were sound, but in practice, they just never panned out.

The larger of his life’s problems was that he owed a lot of money that he had borrowed as capital for his various ideas. The largest amount of money he owed was to an upper-class dwarven “businessman” named Krag Stonebreaker. After yet another plan failed to bring in the promised revenue, Krag sent a few of his toughs to rough Tramas up a bit, hoping to encourage him to pay his debt. This scared Tramas a great deal, so much in fact that he turned to outright plagiarism to make enough money to pay his debt.

Tramas, having met the famous mage Darius Gall, decided that he would make his fortune by copying the success of the infamous ring maker. He locked himself inside his basement for a time, ignoring the repeated visits from Krag’s men. After a few weeks, he reappeared with a bag full of rings, which he took to Krag, claiming he had been out of town visiting Darius Gall and convincing the mage to sell him the bag of rings. After hearing about the properties of the rings, Krag agreed to settle Tramas’ debt if all of the rings sold.

Tramas set up a small booth along the market street and quickly sold all of his rings, making much more than he’d expected. He was closing up the booth when a small crowd appeared at the end of the street, making their way angrily towards his booth. He recognized many of the faces in the crowd as people that had bought his rings. Assuming that there was something wrong, Tramas ducked out the back of the booth. He stopped at a small tavern and had a drink while he waited for darkness to fall. Once it was pitch dark and no angry customer could see him, he made his way to Krag’s house.

Upon arriving at Krag’s house, Tramas was shown into the study of the moneylender. The dwarf calmly took the money Tramas had made without even counting it. He thanked the mage for his effort and told him that there was someone waiting for him downstairs. When Tramas made his way down the stairs, he found the angry mob waiting for him. They quickly grabbed him and dragged him outside, where they tied a rope around his neck and hung him from a tree. After he finally succumbed to suffocation, the leader of the mob placed a sign around his neck that read “Tramas the Fraud.”

Tramas, having no real friends, was buried in a lonely grave outside of town. Krag, who promised to have them destroyed, collected the rings he had made. Instead, he had one of his many agents sell them off in a nearby town.

A false ring of controllable urge functions much like the real thing, but unknown to Tramas, the process used to create it was flawed. The ring removes the urge to answer nature’s calling, but it does not remove the need itself. As a result, the wearer of the ring does not feel a need to relieve himself, but he does so anyway without realizing it, soiling himself and whatever clothing he is wearing.

A character that has soiled himself many not immediately realize his condition, but it should quickly become all too apparent. The character takes an effective -8 to charisma checks when dealing with other people. In addition, any creature possessing the Scent ability will be able to smell the character at the normal distance plus 20ft.