The world of Eckor plays host to literally thousands of individual cults of worship. Some are schisms between similar faiths, where a group splinters off from the main body of worship in order to observe their faith differently. Many others are not so much legitimate faiths as they are excuses to justify whatever behavior the so-called faithful want to practice. Still, a very large number of cults are made up of believers, those who practice their faith because they truly believe in the power behind it.


This power is in some cases not just figurative. Some of the larger cults have insinuated themselves upon the civic world and wield considerable political power for it. Other smaller faiths often aspire to mark their footprint on the soil of the political circut as well. This sometimes results in a beneficial outcome for the smallfolk of the region, as one sure way to gain influence is to increase the number of worshippers through good works. Other times, the outcome is less-desirable, as cults compete with each other for worshippers and resources, often times to the exclusion of their good works.


New cults spring into existence all the time. Many fizzle and disappear for lack of a constituency. Others are removed by competing faiths, often violently. Some are exactly what they claim to be... a different path to a good outcome. The vast majority are just covers or excuses for behavior that would be social unacceptable outside of the bounds of religion. Cults dedicated to gods of lust, alcohol and hedonism are many, though they are rarely taken seriously as actual faith.