Fafrilla, Mayor of Golden Sheaves

Mayor of Golden Sheaves
Juvenile female silver dragon
: CR 10; Large dragon (cold); Hit Dice 16d12+16; 120 hp; Init +0; Spd 40 ft. (8 squares), fly 150 ft. (poor); AC 24 (9 touch, 24 flat-footed); BAB/Grapple +16/+24; Atk +19 melee (2d6+4, bite); Full atk +19 melee (2d6+4, bite) and +14 melee (1d8+2, 2 claws) and +14 melee (1d6+2, 2 wings) and +14 melee (1d8+6, tail slap); SA breath weapon, spell-like abilities, spells; SQ alternate form, blindsense 60 ft., cloudwalking, darkvision 120 ft., immunity to acid, cold, sleep, and paralysis, low-light vision; AL LG; SV Fort +11, Ref +10, Will +15; Str 19, Dex 10, Con 13, Int 20, Wis 20, Cha 23.
Skills and Feats:
Bluff +20, Concentration +10, Diplomacy +24, Disguise +14, Escape Artist +17, Intimidate +25, Knowledge (nature) +23, Listen +23, Search +23, Sense Motive +22, Speak Language (Common, Draconic, Elven, Gnome, Halfling) +4, Spot +23; Ability Focus (breath weapon), Cleave, Flyby Attack, Great Cleave, Hover, Power Attack.
Breath Weapon (Su):
40 ft. cone, damage 8d8 cold, Reflex DC 21 half; or 40 ft. cone, paralysis 1d6+4 rounds, Fortitude DC 21 negates.
Spell-like Abilities:
2/day-feather fall. Caster level 4th.
Sorcerer Spells/Day:
6/6; save DC 16+spell level; CL 3rd.
Sorcerer Spells Known:
0th-dancing lights, ghost sound, mending, message, prestidigitation, 1st-alarm, obscuring mist, silent image.
Cloudwalking (Su):
Fafrilla can tread on clouds or fog as though on solid ground. This ability functions continuously but can be negated or resumed at will.
Alternate Form (Su):
Fafrilla can assume any animal or humanoid form of Medium size or smaller as a standard action three times per day. This ability functions as a polymorph spell cast on herself at sorcerer caster level, except that Fafrilla does not regain hit points for changing form and can only assume the form of an animal or humanoid. She can remain in her animal or humanoid form until she chooses to assume a new one or return to her natural form.
1700 gp, 4000 sp, lapis lazuli (value 13 gp), moonstone (value 60 gp), white pearl (120 gp), potion of blur, potion of cure moderate wounds, arcane scroll [containing hold portal (CL 1), disguise self (CL 3), and grease (CL 1)], arcane scroll [containing pyrotechnics (CL 3)], arcane scroll [containing magic circle against chaos/evil/good/law (CL 5), eagle's splendor (CL 3), and fog cloud
 (CL 3)], divine scroll [containing hide from undead (CL 1), animal messenger (CL 3), and bull's strength (CL 3)], dust of tracelessness, staff of defense (44 charges remaining).

To most of the citizens of Golden Sheaves, Mayor Fafrilla appears as a cheerful, industrious gnome woman just entering her middle years as she bustles about the village to execute her duties as the head of its government. Fafrilla does nothing to disabuse her fellow citizens of this impression, as a matter of convenience and safety on all sides, but the truth is something a little less expected: Mayor Fafrilla is actually a half-grown silver dragon in disguise!

Fafrilla came to the town by birth; the founder was an elderly wizard who built his tower over one of the entrances to her mother's lair after he struck up a friendship with the elderly dragon. Their shared enthusiasm for fine ale led them both to experiment with brewing, and a small settlement grew up around their brewhouse. Fafrilla has wandered the village since a very early age, and genuinely sees herself as a citizen of Golden Sheaves, as well as its guardian, and has proved so adept at looking out for the town's interests that even the nearly legendary Mastercrafter Soren Vast of Port Hope has thus far remained ignorant both of the brewers' plans to begin exporting their ale on a large scale, and of the young dragon's real nature.

In fact, Fafrilla's true species is a secret known only to Josiah Brewster of the Gleaming Talon brewery, who succeeded her mother and her wizardly friend as the overseer of the village's brewing operations. Lately, Fafrilla has also begun to consider letting Yorenna Malter, the capable halfling woman who leads Golden Sheaves' small cadre of town guards, into her confidence, as well, in part because she is aware that her lifespan will soon present her with the necessity of establishing a new identity to replace her current persona, and accomplices among the village’s constable force would make the task considerably easier to accomplish.


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