Large City, population 21,654: (37% human, 20% half-orc, 18% orc, 10% halfling, 7% gnome, 5% dwarf, 3% elf)
GP Limit: 40,000 gp
Cash on Hand (Total for City): 43,308,000 gp
Imports: Books, cloth, grain, livestock, luxury goods, metals, stone
Exports: Alchemical goods, bleak banyan wine, chitin, drugs, dyes, gemstones, hides, ivory, magical items, river ships, wood

Community Authorities

Teoric IV, God-King (LE male half-elf clr 12 of the House of the River); Teodora IV, God-Queen (LE female half-elf clr 13 of the House of the River); Enway, Chairman of the Bleak Cartel (NE male human vampire nec 8/cartel magus 7); Lady Elspet Aliqisa, Speaker of the League of Truth (CG female elf bard 14); Captain Dieter the Bald (LE male human ftr 14).

Military Formations

The Two Hundred Immortals (commanded by Dieter the Bald): 216 troops—19 barbarians (1 6th-level, 6 3rd-level, 12 1st-level), 1 bard (7th-level), 19 fighters (1 7th-level, 2 3rd-level, 4 2nd-level, 12 1st-level), 7 rogues (1 5th-level, 2 3rd-level, 4 1st-level), 150 warriors (1 16th-level, 2 8th-level, 1 6th-level, 146 1st-level).
Enteran City Militia (commanded by Dieter the Bald): 1,082 men (noted below by class and level)

Other NPCs

126 aristocrats (2 13th-level, 1 10th-level, 4 6th-level, 2 5th-level, 8 3rd-level, 4 2nd-level, 105 1st-level); 126 adepts (1 13th-level, 2 11th-level, 2 6th-level, 4 5th-level, 4 3rd-level, 8 2nd-level, 105 1st-level); 26 barbarians (2 13th-level, 1 12th-level, 5 6th-level, 6 3rd-level, 12 1st-level); 43 bards (1 11th-level, 1 10th-level, 1 7th-level, 4 5th-level, 4 3rd-level, 8 2nd-level, 24 1st-level); 30 clerics (1 13th-level, 1 12th-level, 4 6th-level, 8 3rd-level, 16 1st-level); 19,132 commoners (1 20th-level, 1 19th-level, 1 17th-level, 2 12th-level, 2 9th-level, 2 8th-level, 4 6th-level, 8 4th-level, 8 3rd-level, 16 2nd-level, 19,087 1st-level); 45 druids (2 14th-level, 1 12th-level, 4 7th-level, 2 6th-level, 12 3rd-level, 24 1st-level); 674 experts (1 18th-level, 1 17th-level, 1 15th-level, 2 9th-level, 2 8th-level, 2 7th-level, 8 4th-level, 4 3rd-level, 24 2nd-level, 629 1st-level (132 militia)); 25 fighters (1 14th-level, 1 11th-level, 3 7th-level, 2 5th-level, 6 3rd-level, 12 1st-level); 45 monks (1 12th-level, 1 11th-level, 1 10th-level, 2 6th-level, 4 5th-level, 4 3rd-level, 8 2nd-level, 24 1st-level); 45 paladins (2 12th-level, 1 11th-level, 4 6th-level, 2 5th-level, 8 3rd-level, 4 2nd-level, 24 1st-level); 45 rangers (1 12th-level, 2 11th-level, 2 6th-level, 4 5th-level, 4 3rd-level, 8 2nd-level, 24 1st-level); 54 rogues (1 16th-level, 1 15th-level, 2 8th-level, 2 7th-level, 1 5th-level, 4 4th-level, 2 3rd-level, 12 2nd-level, 28 1st-level); 45 sorcerers (1 13th-level, 1 11th-level, 1 10th-level, 2 6th-level, 4 5th-level, 4 3rd-level, 8 2nd-level, 24 1st-level); 946 warriors (1 16th-level (militia), 1 12th-level (militia), 2 8th-level (militia), 1 6th-level (militia), 8 4th-level (militia), 4 3rd-level (militia), 16 2nd-level (militia), 903 1st-level (militia)); 60 wizards (1 15th-level, 1 12th-level, 2 10th-level, 2 7th-level, 2 6th-level, 4 5th-level, 8 3rd-level, 8 2nd-level, 32 1st-level).

Entera squats on the bank of the river Alrine, amid the damp rainforests of Enteria. It is a city of contrasts; the opulence of the Alrinecast Palace and the nearby walled precinct, known locally as the Alt, is crammed cheek-by-jowl against shanty towns and slums where squalor and disease run unchecked. Merchants, beggars, pickpockets, soldiers and travelers rub shoulders in the gloom of the city's narrow, crooked streets, hurrying about their business at all hours of the day and night. The only clear space in the press floats around visiting nobles and officials, crime lords, and the wealthiest merchants and courtesans, usually enforced by the cudgels and fists of these worthies' bodyguards.

The God-King and God-Queen, Teoric and Teodora, are the ultimate authority in Entera. The city is their capitol and the seat of their rule over the country. As cruel as the monarchs may be, they are not as capricious as most of the aristocracy and they are nowhere near as vile as the heads of the country's bleak banyan cartels. As a result, commoners flock here from other parts of the country. The poorest of the city's outer districts are little more than refugee camps made permanent. In places, warehouses have been converted into densely-packed tenement housing. If it were not for the massive rainfall that showers the kingdom throughout most of the year, half the city would have burned down years ago.

Entera's status as the largest city and capital has some advantages, however. The Alrine is wide and deep, making it the chief port of the kingdom, and the country's aristocrats can purchase luxuries and manufactured necessities here as nowhere else. Vast ships carrying imported grain help to keep the urban poor well-fed and content. The majority of the kingdom's exports are shipped from Entera, as well, making the city commercially vital.

Insofar as anyone makes an attempt to keep order, it is Dieter the Bald, the captain of the royal bodyguard known as the Two Hundred Immortals. Despite the name, his troops actually number a little more than two hundred men, and although they are veterans with excellent training and equipment, they can be killed like any other mortal. Nevertheless, Dieter and his men have an excellent record when it comes to suppressing riots and other unrest in the city.

Although the city is the bastion of the royal family's power, it is also a breeding ground for intrigue of all kinds. As the kingdom's main port, Entera has unavoidably attracted the interest of the bleak banyan cartels because of their need to export bleak banyan wine for sale outside of the kingdom. The noble houses generally maintain residences in the city, as well, since they must be present at court. Foreign dignitaries and spies also tend to use Entera as their port of entry to the kingdom, so embassies and espionage stations are common in the capitol city.

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