Elemental Lore


Elemental Lore

Author: Various
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Publish Date: 2003
ISBN: 1-58994-169-1
Pages: 62
Rating: 7 out of 10
Retail Price: $14.95


As monster books go, this one was not bad. It focuses almost entirely on elementals and creatures with an elemental subtype...and does a fairly good job of it. The monsters contained within all seem to be nicely balanced with their CR and I don't recall seeing any obvious blunders concerning over or underpowered creatures.

Several unique ideas were utilized in this text, such as the Gate Snake, a rare magical beats that can be captured and turned into living portals to the elemental planes. Or the Plague Wind, a malicious air elemental that breezes by, carrying disease and death in its winds.

While I creatinly won't claim that I'd use every monster in this book in my own game, I'd definately consider using a good deal of them. I think many, such as the Mercure or Earthen Maw will eventually end up as unique baddies or possibly guardians of powerful places or artifacts in my game. Some, such as the Telkhine, an elemental race of displaced spirits, might even make up the basis for an entire incursion campaign. I'd definately recommend this book to anyone who is considering a storyline concerning elemental creatures.