Thorp, population 65 (37% human, 20% halfling, 18% gnome, 10% dwarf, 7% elf, 5% half-elf, 3% half-orc)

GP Limit: 40 gp.

Cash on Hand (Total for City): 130 gp.

Imports: Ale, cloth, manufactured goods of all kinds, spirits, tools, wine, wood.

Exports: None.

Community Authorities

Wellsley Ormens (CE human male ftr 5), owner and operator of the Sandy Oasis tavern; Constable Goldmar Stonebreaker (TN dwarf male war 4)

Military Formations


Other NPCs

1 aristocrat (1 1st-level); 3 clerics (1 2nd-level, 2 1st-level); 41 commoners (1 8th-level, 2 4th-level, 4 2nd-level, 34 1st-level); 3 druids (1 2nd-level, 2 1st-level); 4 experts (1 6th-level, 2 3rd-level, 1 1st-level); 6 fighter (2 2nd-level, 4 1st-level); 1 shaman (1st-level); 4 warriors (2 2nd-level, 2 1st-level).

The citizens of Dryfangs make their living, by and large, by taking advantage of their possession of the last truly reliable wells in the eastern desert. Caravans going and coming from Dryfangs stop there by force of necessity to water their mounts and replenish their supplies after weeks of plodding through the burning, rocky landscape east of town.

As a caravan stop, Dryfangs is rowdy and boisterous out of all proportion to its relatively small size, with almost all of its population making a living as tavern owners, barmen, maids, innkeepers, stablemen, farriers, and cartwrights. A small but thriving underworld also calls the thorp home, serving the less honest caravan folk as fences, drug dealers, and locksmiths. The widely-held consensus of adventurers in the more civilized parts of the region is that Dryfangs offers its charms, but that overall, the little settlement is more trouble than it's worth.

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