If one were to ask ten people whether gods above or below truly exist and if so, do they care about their worshippers, there would likely be ten different answers. Some would claim that if omnipotent beings really existed, there wouldn't be disasters or evil in the world. Others would argue that this means the gods exist, but do not care what goes on in the mortal world. Another viewpoint suggests that the existence of divine magic is proof not only of the existence of deities, but also of their love for the mortals they bestow their gifts upon. The counterargument to that is that if sorcerers and magi are able to tap into great power without the gods, why not so-called holy clerics as well? The debate is endless, but the reality is that the existence of deities cannot be conclusively proven or disproven. Faith seems to be the only true certainty.


Some examples of deities are listed below. This is by no means an exhaustive list, as new religions are founded every day, many venerating deities that may be completely new.