D&D Official Roleplaying Soundtrack

Dungeons and Dragons Official Roleplaying Soundtrack


altArtist: Midnight Syndicate

Rating: 9 out of 10

Like everything else produced by Midnight Syndicate, Dungeons and Dragons Official Roleplaying Soundtrack sounds as though it were created specifically for gaming (and in this case, it actually was). Each entire album sounds as though it follows an epic storyline all the way through. This is punctuated periodically with sounds that gamers should find familiar, the sounds of dice rolling and the like. This creates a familiar sort of ambiance that makes gaming, designing and even just easy listening very familiar and laid back.

1: Prelude
2: Troubled Times
3: Ride to Destiny
4: The Fens of Saragoth
5: Descent Into the Depths
6: Stealth and Cunning
7: Behind Door #1
8: Skirmish
9: Eternal Mystery
10: Heroes' Valor
11: Relic Uncovered
12: Deep Trouble
13: Chant
14: Craft of the Wizard
15: Beasts of the Borderlands
16: Secret Chamber
17: Lair of the Great Wyrm
18: Ancient Temple
19: How Strange...
20: Army of the Dead
21: Final Confrontation
22: Ruins of Bone Hill
23: City of Sails