Concentrated Turning

Concentrated Turning [General] You are adept at working with other clerics to turn or rebuke more powerful undead. Prerequisite: Cha 13, Turn Undead Benefit: By holding your action until the turn of another cleric, you may add your Turn or Rebuke Undead attempt to his. The primary channeler is treated as though his effective cleric level is one higher and may add your Charisma modifier to his own for the purposes of determining all effects related to turning or rebuking the undead. Up to four individuals possessing this feat may aid in the turning attempt, but each must be within 60ft. of the primary channeler. Special: Characters that rebuke undead may not aid in a Turn Undead attempt and characters that turn may not aid in a Rebuke Undead attempt. Special: Undead that are commanded fall under the mental control of the primary channeler, and all rules concerning the HD of undead apply normally.