Conan the Destroyer Soundtrack

Conan the Destroyer Soundtrack


altArtist: Basil Poledouris

Rating: 8 out of 10

Before listening to it, I originally thought that this soundtrack was going to sound a lot like that of Conan the Barbarian. While there is a similar feel (it’s Basil Poledouris, after all), the two albums are very distinct of each other. This album had a more experimental feel to it. The very epic brass movements weren’t as long as the previous soundtrack album and the anvil strikes were missing, but more work was done with chimes and bells, which gave the album a sort of welcome juxtaposition between the heavy brass and the light chimes. The only complaint I had with this album compared to its predecessor was that it sounded like the symphony used for the production of Conan the Destroyer was obviously smaller.

This album would make a welcome addition to just about any D&D game. Many of the tracks, particularly Elite Guard Attacks and Conan and Bombaata Battle, have a very epic feel to them, which lends itself well to visions of cinematic battles. Other tracks, like Valeria Remembered, have a softer, almost romantic feel to them. This kind of music blends well into the background and almost becomes ambient noise, which is good for a game.


1: (Main Title) Riders of Taramis
2: Valeria Remembered
3: The Horn of Dagoth
4: Elite Guard Attacks
5: Crystal Palace
6: The Katta
7: Dream Quest
8: Night Bird
9: Approach to Shadizaar
10: The Scrolls of Skelos
11: Dueling Wizards
12: Illusion's Lake
13: Conan and Bombaata Battle