Generally created by novice crafters for practice, a cleanbar is a small disc of smooth shiny metal (usually steel or copper, but occasionally cleanbars are made from silver or even platinum) that can fit in the palm of a hand. The item’s use may not be immediately apparent to the casual observer, but many arcane guilds and well-to-do families make extensive use of cleanbars. If the cleanbar is rubbed over a piece of cloth or parchment, it cleans off dirt and stains, leaving a trail of cleanliness in its wake. The cleanbar doesn’t remove dyes from clothing or ink from parchment, so there is no risk of ruining a garment or scroll. Cleaning a minor stain such as a bit of wine spilled on a shirt takes only a standard action. Cleaning a piece of parchment takes one minute. It takes 1 minute to clean an entire garment designed for a small-sized wearer and 2 minutes to a clean a medium-sized garment. The cleanbar only cleans the item and cannot repair any tears or other damage.

Minor universal; CL 1st; Craft Wondrous Item, prestidigitation; Price 100gp.