Chloe's Sobriety

Chloe’s Sobriety

This simple wooden tankard was created by the bard-turned-spymaster, Chloe Vager. After her successful career as a bard in the service of Duke Osric Redier, she was commissioned by her lord to travel the land and act as one of his many spymasters, constantly seeking out information pertaining to him, his lands and his title.

Having come from a bardic background, Chloe was long acquainted with the value of drunken tavern ramblings. She took the opportunity and the funds granted by her new position to have a special tankard crafted for her, which she always drinks from while on the road. It is rumored that this tankard is what has made her the most successful spymaster in the Duke’s employ. Chloe still travels the land in the name of the Duke. To this day, she has never allowed anyone else to drink from her tankard.

Chloe’s Sobriety is a pint-sized wooden tankard. When sampled from this tankard, alcohol loses all potency, sour liquids become drinkable and even poison is rendered ineffective, since all liquids poured into Chloe’s Sobriety become pure water 1d4 rounds later.