Children of Dune Soundtrack

Children of Dune (Soundtrack)


altArtist: Bryan Tyler

Rating: 10 out of 10

This soundtrack runs the gambit of emotions, which has resulted in an exceptional collection of music. Some tracks are very light and fade well into the background. Other tracks seem designed to provoke specific emotions, such as sadness or hope. Still other tracks boom loudly with a power that speaks of an epic event. Even then, however, the music is not imposing and wouldn't distract from the story unfolding in a game. Being the soundtrack of a movie about a desert people, a handful of the tracks seem tailored to the music of desert cultures, though the soundtrack as a whole is not one-trick pony and would work well with any game environment. All in all, it's this man's opinion that this soundtrack is as close to perfect for use with a D&D game as a collection of music can be.

1: Summon the Worms
2: Dune Messiah
3: Main Title (House Atreides)
4: The Revolution
5: Fear is the Mind Killer
6: The Arrival of Lady Jessica
7: Leto Atreides II
8: Inama Nushif (Montage)
9: War Begins
10: Battle of Naraj
11: Rya Wolves
12: I Have Only Now
13: The Impossible Wager
14: Face Dancer
15: The Throne of Alia
16: Trap the Worm
17: Salusus Secundus
18: The Jihad
19: The Ring of Paul
20: Exiles
21: Sins of the Mother
22: Irulanl's Regret
23: My Skin Is Not My Own
24: Reunited
25: The Golden Path
26: Child Emporer
27: Sign of the Bene Gesserit
28: The Preacher at Arrakeen
29: The Desert Journey
30: The Ghola Duncan
31: Leto and Ghanima
32: The Fremen Qizarate
33: Farewell
34: Children of Dune
35: Horizon
36: End Title