Celtic Nights

Celtic Nights


altArtist: Various

Rating: 9 out of 10

I own many individual Celtic music albums, but this one was my first, and remains one of my favorites.Soft music played with traditional Celtic instruments mingles with a small amount of ambient nighttime sounds to create a vision of a quiet evening gathering in a small tribal village.At times, Gaelic lyrics compliment the music, though always in the background, so they never trample the instrumentation.


This album’s music might be a bit soft to work well with the epic feel that many DMs try to cultivate via tense battle scenes, but it would play nicely as an ambiance otherwise.I’ve been using it as background music while designing game materials for years, so I can personally speak for its usefulness.All things considered, this beautiful album should compliment any game situation other than constant battle.


1: Hills of Myst
2: Spring Faire
3: Carry On
4: Moon Dance
5: Fields of Rain
6: Prophecy
7: Ancient Wisdom
8: Cry of the Wind
9: Celtic Nights
10: Storm Across the Sea
11: Highland Dawn