The Cane of Jun Rhi

The Cane of Jun Rhi

During the Time of Terror when orcs banded together and rampaged across the civilized lands, the Order of the Rigid Blade closed their monastery doors, shutting themselves off from the outside world. When a desperate group of travelers arrived at the gates and begged entrance, the masters turned a deaf ear to their plight. They continued their meditations while a tribe of orcs violently slaughtered the travelers.

This had a strange effect of Master Jun Rhi. His meditations began to focus on those travelers and the outside world. Eventually, he came to the realization that he could no longer sit in his protected monastery while others who could not help themselves were brutally killed by the savages that walked the land. Having realized this, he donned a traveler’s cloak and left the monastery, never to return.

Jun walked the land, seeing the result of the orcish invasion. He helped anyone he could, regardless of his or her station and he never accepted any payment beyond a meal or a bed. One day, he noticed some strange lights flickering from the other side of a hill and he went to investigate. When he stepped over the hill, he saw that the lights originated from various spells that were being cast by a wizard. The wizard was obviously outmatched by the ten orcs that surrounded him.

Jun never hesitated for a moment, charging in and combating the orcs without the aid of a weapon. The orcs were so surprised at the arrival of this brash newcomer that two of their number fell to him before they could even react. The battle was short. Between Jun’s combat skill and the wizard’s spells, the orcs didn’t stand a chance. The fight was not won without a price, though. During the battle, an orc scored a solid hit on Jun with its mace, crippling his leg.

The wizard, who introduced himself as Geldar, was very grateful for the Jun’s assistance. Geldar took Jun to his home and patched the leg wound as best as his limited healing skills allowed him to. Over the next few months, Jun stayed with Geldar, getting better and better, though he never completely lost the limp his wound cursed him with. As a way of thanks for his assistance with the orcs, Geldar used his magic to create a special cane for his new friend, hoping to somehow make up for the limp that Jun would have for the rest of his life.

On the day that Jun announced his intention to continue his journey, Geldar presented the cane to his friend, telling him that it would help to compensate for the pain in his leg. Jun accepted the gift and re-embarked on his journey, discovering the powers of the cane as he continued helping those in need. Supposedly, it was entombed with him after his death, but there have been rumored sightings since that time.

Made from what appears to be flimsy willow or bamboo, most who see the cane do not even consider it a threat. Almost everyone who disregards it as nothing more than a simple walking stick is currently crippled or dead. The Cane of Jun Rhi is a +1 club. One per day, it can cast levitate or cat’s grace as a 5th-level wizard. The cane also makes the wielder more sure-footed, granting him a +2 bonus against trip attacks and a +2 confidence bonus to balance checks while it is actively being held or used. A monk who wields the Cane of Jun Rhi does so with his unarmed base attack, including his more favorable attacks per round.