The Cabbage Shield

The Cabbage Shield:

This fine looking shield bulges unusually. Its most obvious feature is the powerful cabbage smell that lies around it. It is made from leather covered Oak wood, with many metallic looking plates and studs. Upon further observation, these are actually maple wood, painted gold. The rest of the small shield is brown. Its inside part has the shape of a shallow bowl, and is in a much worse state than the exterior. Its interior varnish was seemingly scraped with a hard instrument and a powerful acid. On the inside part, there are also a black dragon drawing glowing faintly, and 2 sets of letters, one on the top and the other, on the bottom. On the top one is written “T to K” in the Common tongue, while the other is written in Giant, "Grushbagh's Cabbage Bowl.” There are also 2 dark leather straps on opposite sides of the shield.

A human carpenter from a family of carpenters, Telrin was certainly not one of those that were filled with the urge to see the world. His son Kelrin was pretty much like him; he was destined to do continue his father's job after Terin's death.

For some unknown reason, Kelrin, the quiet boy who had been learning carpentry since he was six years old, felt an urge that none in his family ever had: he wanted to be an adventurer. So one day, Kelrin told his father what he wanted to do with his life. Telrin knew that his boy did not have the heart to fight as a warrior. Thinking that his son would soon learn that the adventurer's life was not for him, he let him go, hoping he would be back soon. To make sure his beloved Kelrin would not be hurt, he gave him a shield that a real adventurer had commissioned years ago. The adventurer had finally refused it, because of the weird shape it had.

Nonetheless, it was a great shield. It did not hamper movement at all, unlike normal shields of this size. To further represent his love for his son, Telrin engraved the letters "T to K" in the upper interior part of the shield.

Unfortunately the shield wasn't of much use against the boy's his first encounter. A few minutes after he departed, a black dragon named Krezpherx killed Kelrin and took the shield to his lair, the light shield and the boy never to be seen again by Telrin.

Krezpherx was a sorcerer of some skill. He was known as the Enchanter Drake because he casually enchanted items to add new pieces to his hoard. The shield became a magical item like many others, promised to stay forever on thousands of gold coins. To differentiate the items he made magical from the rest of his hoard, he had an arcane mark representing a black Dragon placed on all his enchanted items.

For an unknown reason, the shield was lost to a tribe of ogres a few years after it was gained from Kelvin’s hand. The Enchanter Drake's legacy is the simple protection incantation that has made this shield what it is now. It is not known if Krezpherx is still alive to this day. If he his, he will likely to go to great lengths to find 'his" shield.

New Use
We now get to the part where the shield got its surname. Greshbagh was a powerful Ogre berserker leading the Kres'sharb tribe, known for his unusual love for cabbage. He was the one who got his hands on the shield after it disappeared from Krezpherx's hoard. He instantly found a use for it: It would become his personal cabbage bowl! Years of use scraped the interior varnish and imbued the shield with the odor that can still be smelled around it. The cabbage smell is now an integrant part of the shield; the two of them cannot be separated from one another.

The bottom inscription was made around that time. It was meant to make sure that no ogres other than the Great Greshbagh would ever touch it. The other two symbols also survived this era, with much degradation.

Current Whereabouts
No one has heard about the Cabbage Shield for more than a decade. It is not known if it was buried with Greshbagh when the Chieftain died, or if Krezpherx has got hold on it once again. It might well have found its way to one of Terlin's descendants. For sure, it is going to fascinate generations of new adventurers around the world with its fine look, but overpowering smell.

Currently, The Cabbage Shield is a a +1 light wooden shield.
Minor abjuration; CL 3rd; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Price 1153gp; Cost 577gp + 47 XP.