Black Hawk Down Soundtrack

Black Hawk Down (Soundtrack)


altArtist: Hans Zimmer

Rating: 9 out of 10

Hans Zimmer once again shows his talent with this soundtrack. Most of the tracks on this album have a decidedly Middle Eastern beat to them, which means that the album lends itself well to designing or running a desert-based area or an exotic bazaar. Track 13 is especially powerful, as it hints at a great loss, and then picks up the beat to indicate perseverance through hard times. Except for track 14 (which has an "Irish funeral" feel to it), the tracks that have lyrics are in a non-English language, so unless you can speak Somali, the lyrics will probably just add to the ambience. All in all, this is an excellent background for any game set in a desert.

1: Hunger
2: Barra Barra
3: Vale of Plenty
4: Chant
5: Still
6: Mogadishu Blues
7: Synchrotone
8: Bakara
9: Of the Earth
10: Ashes to Ashes
11: Gotoz A Ran
12: Tribal War
13: Leave No Man Behind
14: Minstrel Boy
15: Still Reprise