Backstep Staff

Backstep Staff:

An army (if any large, disorganized group of evokers can be called that) of wizards once sought to create enough of these white oak staffs to provide a physical frontline defense for their apprentices. It is believed that the wizards dabbled in a strange sort of metamagic, somewhere between evocation and abjuration, creating staves that functioned equally well for parrying as they did for attack. However, because they were a chaotic and rowdy bunch, they were never able to organize their frontlines for defense and the Half-assed Evoker Legion Liberating Army never got off to a good start.

Several backstep staffs are known to exist. Each is a smooth white oak cudgel with no ornamentation or decoration of any kind. Stories abound of mages, using these staffs, turning aside the blades of their warrior opponents with ease. Many new adventuring mages fresh out of their apprenticeship fervently wish for a backstep staff after seeing the harsh realities of combat.

A backstep staff is a +1 defending/+1 defending quarterstaff. In addition to the weapon’s defending property, it can help protect the wielder once per day by casting shield as a 1st-level caster.

Minor abjuration; CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, shield; Price 16,842 gp; Cost 8,722 gp + 650 XP.