The Axe of Scribes

Axe of Scribes

According to folklore, the Axe of Scribes was the weapon of the legendary warrior Syrion, the Aegis of Unisain. Syrion was a warrior in the army of the war power Yandar. It is said that there was no man in the country who was a match for Syrion's strength. During his free time, he would amuse the other soldiers with shows of might, bending steel bars and breaking mighty stumps with his bare hands.

Syrion was a farmer for most of his life; for all his strength, he never had any desire to go to war. That changed with the first war of the gods. Sor, his tiny town, was at a strategically important spot along the Sanguine Ridge, a spot marked for conquest by the violent war power Gorogos. Upon learning of the coming attack, Syrion allied himself with Yandar.

The battle of Sanguine Ridge raged for many months, with Sor avoiding the action entirely until the end. As strike after strike against the most important Ridge towns failed, Gorogos sent small forces of barbarians to the secluded, largely unprotected towns that dotted the region, hoping to break through somewhere. Two days later, an advance scout spotted four dozen barbarians heading towards Sor. Wasting no time, Syrion made his way back to town, where he quickly raised a militia. Unfortunately, as dawn approached and the barbarians approached Sor, the militia lost their courage and fled, taking there families with them. That morning, the town was empty save one man.

Unwilling to give up even in the face of such overwhelming odds, Syrion took his axe and stood at the entrance to Sor. According to legend, Syrion killed over a dozen of the barbarians. They struck again and again, but none of them could push him back an inch. In the end, they had no choice but to flee. Unfortunately for them, Syrion was not finished. He didn't want to risk any retribution, and that meant finishing the attackers. For six days he followed them across the country. Whenever they stopped for rest, he would strike, taking five and six at a time. Finally, a week after the attack, he killed the final attacker.

Syrion was greeted as a hero when he returned to Sor. The townsfolk, sorry for their cowardice, pooled their money and purchased the services of the great enchanter Disat. The weapon he forged was the Axe of Scribes, a powerful weapon that endows the wielder with both courage and wisdom.

The Axe of Scribes is a +5 holy thundering greataxe. The head of the axe is etched with five runes that glow with colored light. Each rune links to a magical effect that activates when the rune is touched. Once an effect is activated, the glow fades, becoming inert until the next day, when all the runes are recharged. Each rune that is activated also reduces the magical bonus of the axe by one point, though the holy and thundering attributes remain even if all five runes are activated in one day. Where not noted, effects are treated as though the caster were level 20.

Red Rune of Truth: When touched, this rune grants the wielder the effects of true seeing and tongues and causes the axe to radiate a zone of truth in a radius of 80 feet. This effect lasts for twenty minutes.

Blue Rune of Selflessness: To activate this rune, the wielder must touch it and then touch another person. The effect of this rune is similar to shield other, except the wielder absorbs all of the damage inflicted on the recipient. The wielder also games a +2 bonus to AC and to all saving throws as long as the rune is active. This effect lasts for an hour, though it can be cancelled prematurely by the wielder.

Green Rune of Vigor: When touched, this rune casts heal on the wielder.

Golden Rune of Honor: When this rune is activated, the wielder emits a gentle golden radiance. While the rune is active, the wielder is immune to sneak attacks and critical hits, and attack bonuses against the wielder for flanking are negated. This effect lasts for one hour.

White Rune of Purity: When activated, the axe emits a radiance that duplicates the effects of as a holy word spell.

Minor Artifact
Market Value - 421,200 gp