Ashes of the Fire Mage

Ashes of the Fire Mage

As a young boy, Pryon was the hyperactive, curious rapscallion of the village. He pestered tradesmen constantly, asking them to show him how they crafted their products, sold their wares, or performed their services. Because of this, he had a good background for most professions and crafts that his village had to offer, but nothing was so flexible and perpetually interesting as to keep his attention until an elderly traveler came to town.

Many travelers came through town, on their way to the next big city or on a pilgrimage to some strange locale, and usually they stayed the night at the local inn, avoiding the townsfolk like the plague. But this one said he had no particular destination, no money to afford a room, and nothing against mingling with the villagers. In fact, that's how he was able to stay the night. Pryon's parents were kind enough to offer him the spare room that their older son had occupied before he left to live at the local church. Happily accepting the offer, the old man repaid them for their kindness with stories of his adventurous past. This is what captured young Pryon's imagination.

The old man told them how he and his closest companions had wandered the countryside, tied to no kingdom, performing heroic feats and benevolent deeds whenever possible. His stories ranged from clearing entire caverns of kobolds with his searing magical flames, to using minor cantrips to keep up the spirits of previously enslaved children whom he and his companions were returning to their rightful homes.

Amazed by the stories and more than anxious to live his own, Pryon begged the man to take him as his apprentice. Pryon's parents were thrilled that their son found something he loved and something they knew he would do great things with, but the man said no. After much begging, the man finally accepted, laughing that Pryon's spirit burned like fire and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Over the next decade, Pryon grew physically and mentally. His skill in the intricate dealings of magic was slow to develop, however, because his chaotic personality was not suited well to the studious magic of a wizard. Nevertheless, his master patiently taught him the ways of the evoker, which he practiced himself. Together they solved the problems of many small villages they passed through during their travels. Pryon learned of the ways of other farming communities and of a couple of large cities in his journeys. The old man also told Pryon more stories of his exploits, and showed him countless things that the boy had never dreamed of.

Soon, winter settled in the tenth year of Pryon's apprenticeship. On the very day that ten years ago the two had begun their travels, Pyron's master could not rise from his bedroll. He knew his body was withering, and today was going to be his last. With tears in his eyes, Pryon listened to the final tale his master told him: the final adventure of his old group.

A small village was experiencing a rash of dark humanoids ravaging any who walked outside of the town's limits. Investigating the problem, the group soon discerned it to be the work of drow. Finding the small hole to the underground from which the foul beings came, the group climbed down. After only a few minutes of walking, they came across a small patrol of the dark elves and Pryon’s master, becoming overly cocky, cast an explosive spell which caused the cavern ceiling to fall apart. His master was the only one to walk out of the caves alive, and for the following thirty years he had walked aimlessly across the world, his spirit shattered by what he had done.

With that, the old man asked Pryon to burn his body, in respect to the magic that he loved so much. Afterwards, Pryon took his master's ashes to a local church, where he hoped to preserve and enchant them so that his master could always be there to help him, as he always had done. Now, Pryon keeps the ashes in a small, locked metal box that hangs from the end of his staff.

Ashes of the Fire Mage: The bearer of these ashes is treated as one caster level higher for all effects pertaining to that spell and gains a +2 bonus to the DC to save against spells from the school of evocation that possess the [Fire] subtype (including spells substituted to [Fire] with the Energy Substitution feat).

Moderate evocation; CL 7; Craft Wondrous Item, caster must have the ashes of a cremated evoker; price 14,000 gp.