Agon's Electrical Storm

Agon's Electrical Storm

After the gates to the elemental planes were closed, Emperor Memrach hired out the best bounty hunters in the world to hunt down and destroy the last of the remaining elemental threats in the world. One such bounty hunter was Agon, a ranger who was sent to the emperor from the Order of the Oak in the hopes that he would be able to help remove the unnatural threat to the natural order.

Having the full support and financial backing of the Order of the Oak, Agon had a pair of swords commissioned from one of the most talented smiths in the land. These he took to the Grand Druid to be magically enhanced. With the help of a powerful wizard whose name has been lost to time, the Grand Druid enhanced the blades to be more effective against the fire and water elementals that threatened the local area.

Unfortunately, an unexpected side effect of the enhancements took the life of the unknown wizard. When the blades were placed on the ground together, a strange electrical explosion occurred, which killed the wizard outright and seriously injured the Grand Druid. Oddly enough, it was from this side effect that the blades were named.

Agon hunted down and destroyed hundreds of elementals with this powerful duo of blades. Ultimately however, it was the blades that destroyed him. During a bar fight that went sour, one of Agon’s blades was knocked to the floor, where a common thug retrieved it and attempted to use it against Agon. The clash of blades resulted in a massive explosion, killing everyone in the bar’s common room.

The blades definitely survived the explosion, though no one has ever been able to fathom who removed them from the scene. Rumors of sightings spread throughout the years, with someone seeing a single blade here or someone seeing the pair there. The last reported sighting placed the blades in the hands of Keldan Archmyer, the leader of the Thieves Guild of Chairo.

Agon’s Electrical Storm is comprised of a +2 Keen Shocking Burst short sword and a +2 Icy Burst short sword. Agon’s Shocking Touch deals double damage against water elementals while Agon’s Icy Hand deals double damage against fire elementals. Both weapons have the ability to score critical hits against their respective target elementals.

In addition, if the blades touch together for more than a few seconds, an explosion of electrical energy springs forth from the blades. Once per day as a full round action, the wielder can cross the blades, holding them together to produce an explosion. The explosion centers on the blades and affects everything within a 10 feet of the wielder, dealing 10d10 electrical damage to everyone in range, including the wielder. A reflex save (DC 20) may be made for half damage, except for the wielder, who must bear the full force of the explosion. If the blades are used in this fashion, their abilities are repressed for 24 hours and they become +2 short swords for this time.