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Characters - Ignerio - Pugnare Debeo

Characters go here.

Below is a template that you can use for posting your character. If you quote this post, you should be able to copy/paste the formatting.

Characters will start at 1st level with 18 Attribute Points.

[Name], [gender] [race] [class] [level]
Init ; Spd ; Reach
Melee ; Ranged ; SA ; CMB ; BAB
Attributes STR , END , AGI , INT , WIL
Skills ; Languages ; Talents ; SQ
Mana ; CL ; TN ; Dispel
Action Points

Spells Known

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Below is an Example Character (2nd Level) from a real campaign. This is intended primarily to show you how a character looks and the type of information I track. Including spell descriptions is not necessary, but I find helpful when considering my options. When a number or bonus is circumstantial (but used frequently) I'll note it in italics - for example, the benefits of a 0-level spell that can be recast as needed.

Jinan al-Bashsar of the Red Sands, male human Mystic 2
Init +4; Spd 30 ft; Reach5 ft.
Melee Scimitar +8 (1d10+3/18-20/2d6+3 or Kukri +5 (1d4+3/19-20/2d4+3); Ranged Light Crossbow +9 (1d10+4/20/2d10+4); SA Spirit, Critical Confirmation +2 ; CMB +4; BAB +1
WP 16; VP 22

DEF 18 (+4 AGI, +3 Armor, +1 Shield); DR 3; SD Fortification +2 (+4); CMD 14; BDB +0
Attributes STR 3 (+4), END 5 (+6), AGI 4 (+5), INT 5 (+6), WIL 5 (+6)
Skills Athletics +3*(t), Heal +10(t), Lore [Magic] +10(t), Lore [Planes] +10(t), Perception +9(t), Survival +10(t), Track +10(t), Literacy;
*includes armor check
Languages Igneran, Al-Khalid; Talents Arcane Strike, Armored Sorcery, Dash, Favored School [Thaumaturgy], Keen Senses [Spirit]; SQ Arcane Conduit, Armor Proficiency (chain mail), Channel Spirit, Empower Spirit, Low-Light Vision, Spirit Senses (Snse Magic), Weapon Proficiency (Scimitar)
Mana 9; CL 1; TN 16; Dispel+6
Action Points6
Equipment Bronze Chainmail, Scimitar, Kukri, Buckler, Half-helm, Light Crossbow, Bolts [20]

Spells Known:
0th - Cleanse, Deadly Portent, Defensive Portent, Detect Extraplanar Beings
1st - Prescient Dodge (+3 DEF vs. single target)
Spirit Spells (Sun):
Burning Hands 3d10 or 4d10 with a melee touch,
Faerie Fire Make target shine as a torch and grant creatures +2/+3 insight on attacks against it (none or WIL negates),
Invigorate Heal target 3d10/4d10. (Healing)
Blinding Flash Blind creatures in a 5-ft radius (END negates). (Light),
Firebolt Do 1d8 + 1d8/CL fire damage with a ranged touch,
Infravision Grant Infravision 100 ft.
Daylight Create sunlight in a 30-ft radius. (Light),
Fireball Do 3d6 + 1d6/CL fire damage in a 20-ft radius (END half).

El Primo
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Ragranaas, male Lumari Rogue 1
Init +7; Spd 40 ft., Climb 20 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Melee Hook Sword +10 (1d8+3 [or +10 FF]/19-20/1d8+3 and Bite +6 (1d6+3 [or +10 FF]/120/1d6+3);
Ranged Bone Short Bow +7 (1d8+3/20/2d8+3); SA Sneak Attack +1d8; CMB +3; BAB +0
WP 10; VP 10
DEF 19 (+7 AGI, +2 Armor); DR 1; SD Fortification +2; CMD 13; BDB +0
Attributes STR 3 (+3), END 4 (+4), AGI 7 (+7), INT 4 (+4), WIL 5 (+5)
Skills Gather Information +8 (t), Legerdemain +11 (t) Perception +11 (t), Stealth +11 (t), Literacy;
Languages Igneran (Literate); Talents Eidetic Memory, Expert Poisoner, Fleet of Foot, Natural Weapon Proficiency; SQ Low-Light Vision, Scent;
Mana 6; CL 0; TN 14; Dispel+4
Action Points 6
Equipment Leather Armor, Half-Helm, Hook Sword (x2), Bone Short Bow, Arrows (x20)

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Regranaas (Translated from Beast Speak: "You Don't See")

Initiative +7
Land Speed 40 ft
Climb Speed equal to half land speed (Lumari)
Reach 5 ft.
Age 12
Sex male
Race Lumari (“Ratfolk")
Class(es) Rogue 1
Height 4ft
Weight 80lbs
Appearance soft-grey fur, red eyes


CMB +3 (Base attack bonus (0) + Strength)
Base Attack Bonus (BAB) +0
Base Defense Bonus (BDB) +0
Wound Points (WP) 7
Vitality Points (VP) 7 (Base Vitality Points Per Level 6)
Defense 19 (10 + Agility Bonus (7) + Armor Bonus (2) + Shield Bonus(0))
Damage Reduction (DR) 1 (leather armor)

Mana 6 (Character level plus their Will)
Caster Level (CL) 0 (half their level minus one in common
Action Points 6


Strength (STR) 3
Endurance (END) 4
Agility (AGI) 7
Intelligence (INT) 4
Will (WIL) 5


Gather Information (INT) +4 (+4)
Legerdemain (AGI) +4 (+7)
Literacy (Igneran)
Perception (AGI) +4 (+7)
Stealth (AGI) +4 (+7)

Languages Igneran (fluent and literate),


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Hook Sword (2)
-DAMAGE (1d8/19-20/1d8) +3

-DAMAGE (1d6/20/1d6) +3

Sneak Attack

Bone Short Bow

Spells Known

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Action Points in common
A character with Action Points has a number equal to their Will, plus one at every odd level (including Level 1).

Armor Proficiencies
-Light rogue

Attribute Increases in common
At every odd level (including Level 1), a character gets a permanent +1 bonus to one attribute of their choice.

Base Vitality Points Per Level 6 (rogue)

Bonus Wound Points 6 rogue

Check Bonus in common
-A character gains a bonus to attribute checks and skill checks equal to half their character level.

Climb Speed Lumari
-equal to half their land speed

Eidetic Memory Starting Talent
-You have a near-perfect recall of all that you observe.
-You automatically remember everything you have directly experienced.
-You may memorize written text or images at the rate of one page (or equivalent) per round, even if you cannot read it.
-When you make a Lore check or a check to resist effects that would alter your memory, roll the check twice and take the better result.
-You may use Eidetic Memory to memorize spells in written form, casting as if you have them in hand.
-You may keep a number of texts equal to your INT memorized.

Expert Poisoner Starting Talent
-You are adept at brewing and applying poisons to achieve greater virulence.
-Any poison you create or use has its TN increased by +2, +1 per 4 levels.
-You may also apply poison to a weapon as a swift action.

Fleet of Foot Lumari
-Increase base land speed by 10ft, +10ft per 6 levels)

Low-Light Vision (Lumari)
Creatures with Low-Light Vision can see twice as far in shadowy illumination as creatures without.

Mana in common
-All characters have mana equal to their character level plus their Will.

Natural Weapon Proficiency Lumari

Scent (Lumari)
-Creatures with Scent possess unusually powerful olfactory senses. They ignore penalties to their Track checks based on terrain and concealment, and they may attempt a Track check even in conditions of total concealment (however, if the trail was made at least a number of hours ago equal to the creature’s END, these benefits do not apply). A creature with Scent may spend a swift action to pinpoint by smell the location of a single creature within 30 feet for one round.

Skill Points At Level 1 (in common)
-A character has skill points equal to 1 + their INT. Each subsequent level, he gains one additional skill point. (In other words, a character has skill points equal to his INT plus his level.)

Swift Stealth Rogue
-A Rogue can move both quickly and quietly at once.
-They suffer no penalty on Stealth checks while moving at half speed or less, only a -5 penalty while moving at more than half speed, and only a -10 penalty when charging or running.

Talents (in common)
-Every character begins with two talents at Level 1 and gains another talent at each additional class level. (Racial levels provide fewer talents with advancement, as noted in Chapter 5: Talents).

Weapon Proficiencies
-Simple (rogue)
-All Martial light melee weapons (rogue)
-All Martial ranged weapons (rogue)

Equipment and Loot

Spoiler: Highlight to view


Leather Armor
-Defense +2
-DR 1
-Max Agility +8

-Fortification +2

Hook sword
-Quantity 2
-The hooks may be used to trap other weapons or trip an opponent.
-You gain a +2 bonus to your CMB on disarm and trip attempts when wielding a hook sword
-As a standard action you may attack with two hook swords linked by the ends of their blades allowing you to attack with reach using the shorter blade near one sword’s handle.
HRD 10
HP 5

Bone Short bow
-Bone has a Hardness of 5.
-Bone weapons do damage as if they were one size smaller and have their threat range reduced by one.
Range 40ft
HP 7

Arrows (20)
-Weight 1 per 20

El Primo / Joshua

Water Witch
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p>The Witch, female Lumari "Catfolk" Wizard 1
Init +4; Spd 30 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Melee  Claws +6 (1d6+3 [or +10 FF]/120/1d6+3);
Ranged ; SA CMB +3; BAB +0
WP 10; VP 10
DEF 19 (+7 AGI, +2 Armor); DR 1; SD Fortification +2; CMD 13; BDB +0
Attributes STR 3 (+3), END 4 (+4), AGI 4 (+4), INT 4 (+6), WIL 5 (+5)
Skills Alchemy  +13 (t), Diplomacy +9 (t) Craft +13 (t), Sense Motive +9 (t), Gather Information +9 (t) Literacy;
Languages Igneran (Literate); Talents , Bind Familiar, Escape Artist, Hardy, Animal Affinity, Natural Weapon Proficiency; Arcane Conduit +1, Favored School (fire), Sense Magic,
Spells Detect Heat, Kindle, Light, Warming Aura, Cooling Aura, Resist Electricity, Resist Fire, Speak with Animals, Burning Hands, Faerie Fire, Ignite, Puff of Smoke, Quench Fire SQ Low-Light Vision, Scent;
Mana 6; CL 0; TN 14; Dispel+4
Action Points 6

Studded Leather, Half-helm, dagger, Quarterstaff, backpack,

Water Witch
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I want a black cat pet if I can :)

El Primo
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What does +FF mean on my character sheet?

El Primo / Joshua

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When your opponent is vulnerable, you can add your Agility to damage with light weapons. Basically, if you can get Sneak Attack, you can get Agility damage, too.

We like that because an assassin is more likely to carry a dagger than a greatsword.

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Owl Warrior, female Lumari "Owlfolk" Warrior 1
Init +; Spd 30 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Melee Maul +6 (2d10+3/20/2d10+3);
Ranged ; SA CMB +3; BAB +0
WP8; VP8
DEF ?(+7 AGI, +2 Armor); DR 1; SD Fortification +2; CMD 13; BDB +0
Attributes STR 5(+5), END 5(+5), AGI 4 (+4), INT 4 (+4), WIL 3(+3)
Skills Intimidate (WIL), Sense Motive (INT), Survival (END), Swim (STR), Track (END)

Languages Igneran (Literate); Talents Piercing Strikes, Combat Expertise, Maneuver Training, Powerful Build , Hardy, Fleet of Foot, Blind-fight, Blind-sense, Cleave,

Spellsnone SQ Low-Light Vision, Scent;
Mana 6; CL 0; TN 14; Dispel+4
Action Points 6

Half-plate armor, Heavy Shield, Full-helm, Maul

Rachel Wallace