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Pick Three! (competition)

Welcome to another competition! When we resurrected these last month, a number of people were dismayed to discover it after the fact. With that in mind, we've decided not only to make a more broad announcement, but to make the competition theme very simple this time around to give everyone a chance to use any ideas they might've had bouncing around in their noggins. This time around, the task is to pick any three items from the following list:

Core class
Alchemical Item
Prestige Class
Psionic Power
Magic Item
Psionic Item

For each item picked, you are to provide a full description and block. You also need to make these three items relate to one another appropriately. For example, you could create an NPC who possesses a new feat and uses a new kind of weapon or create an encounter where the PC get ambushed by a new monster race that uses a new kind of spell. An entry containing three random items that don't pertain to each other very well is not likely to score very highly. You are welcome to use multiple instances of an item, but only one of each item will count toward the "pick three" requirement. For example, you can include a stat block for two NPCs, but it will only count toward one of the three "pick three" items.

The typical competition rules for scoring, sources and NPC creation are in place for this competition. Please see these rules HERE.

[b]Submitting Your Entry[/b]
Please submit your entry directly to this thread. Questions and comments posted in this thread will be deleted. Submissions posted in the Questions thread will not be judged. Participants are encouraged to enter their submission well before the deadline. While a subsequent entry may be inspired by an earlier entry, the scoring takes into account originality, and the earlier entry may well score better simply as a result of being submitted first.

[b]Final Details[/b]
The judges for this competition will be Fixxxer and MinusInnocence. Questions about the competition can be asked and will be answered in the Questions thread. The judges will provide such answers as they deem appropriate. Anything not prohibited in the above instructions is permissible.

The competition will run from now through the entire month of April and will end at 11:59pm (PST) on Friday, April 30, 2021. Entries will be scored and feedback (if any) will be provided whenever the hell we get around to it... probably within a week The winners will be announced in this thread.

Good luck!

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Trigger Warning: The following entry includes a number of references to spiders and their physiology.

[size=16][b]Along Came a Spider…[/b][/size] EL 12

[i]While exploring Avalas on the first layer of Acheron, I bore witness to countless battles, where a multitude of would-be warlords seek to develop new formations, tactics, and strategies to vanquish their opponents. No small number are also invested in creating a race of super-soldiers. I have seen efforts to flesh-craft armor and weapons directly into living creatures, and to give sentience to golems to create soldiers that never eat, sleep, and obey orders. Among all that I saw, the one that fills me with dread are the Arachnae. Combining the deadly predatory instincts of the tarantula with the wit, cunning and tool-use of the sentient races, the thought of them escaping to the prime and establishing a colony is the stuff of nightmares. I fear it is only a matter of time…

---From the journal of Alshazar D’Felion[/i]

The following entry details an encounter with a new creature (Arachnae), some of whom represent a new class (Skirmisher).


Created to be a race of super-soldiers, Arachnae wage an endless war against the other races that inhabit the plane. One weakness that this race has is an interest in self-preservation. A female of the species, Avicula, recognizing that eventually this life of endless combat would result in their deaths, led a squad to the Prime Material Plane. With their monstrous appearance, they caused alarm in a nearby town. They have fled into the nearby wilderness, where they are encamped. Knowing that the locals are alarmed, she expects that they may send soldiers to harass her and drive her away. With virtually no intel regarding the surrounding area, Avicula intends to stand her ground. While the PCs may have randomly chanced upon Avicula and her squad, she will assume they are there by design, and having spent her entire life at war, she has no compunctions about defending herself.

Avicula (Wiz 6) leads a group of eleven advanced Arachae (5 Fighter 2, 5 Skirmisher 2) that have set up a camp in trees along a road that crosses a nearby stream. The arachnae are a new creature, Skirmisher is a new class, and the individuals take advantage of new feats and new equipment.

A terrain map is included at:


The map can be roughly divided into four quadrants by the river and the road. The Arachnae Fighters are located in the SW quadrant; the Arachnae Skirmishers are located on the North side of the map (NW/NE quadrants); while Avicula is located in the SE quadrant. General starting positions are marked with webs.

[b]Terrain Features[/b]

The stream generally averages 10-15 feet wide and 5-10 feet deep. The current is swift; characters entering the stream are pushed 30 feet per round to the west unless they succeed on a DC 15 Strength check (if standing) or a DC 15 Swim check if swimming. The water is calm enough that a DC 10 Swim check will allow a character to swim across, albeit further downstream than they intended. Rocky areas are considered rough terrain. Trees provide cover against ranged attacks to anyone that is beneath the foliage. The trees of adjacent trees interlock, so characters can move from tree to tree with a Balance check DC 15 at half speed. Climbing up from the ground into the foliage requires a DC 15 climb check. This area is carpeted with a flowering plant that can cause drowsiness and sleep.

Entering an area that includes Sleep Poppies requires a save or characters may become fatigued or fall asleep. Arachnae are immune to sleep.

[b]Stat Blocks[/b]

[b]Avicula[/b] female Arachnae Wizard (Summoner) 6: [b]CR[/b] 7; medium outsider; [b]Hit Dice[/b] 2d8+6d4+24; 48 hp; [b]Int[/b] +1; [b]Spd[/b] 30 ft. (6 squares);
[b]AC[/b]15 (11 touch, 14 flat-footed); [b]BAB/Grapple[/b] +5/+6; Atk ***; [b]SA[/b] spells, poison, web; [b]SQ[/b] Arachnae Traits, Darkvision 60 ft., Low-light vision, Summon Familiar[b]AL[/b] LN; [b]SV[/b] Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +9; Str 12, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 17, Wis 13, Cha 8; Weight 145 lbs., Height 5ft., 4 in.

[b]Skills and Feats:[/b] Balance +10, Climb +10, Concentration +13, Craft [web] +12, Hide +6, Knowledge [Arcana] +9, Knowledge [Planes] +9, Listen +6, Move Silently +6, Search +12, Spellcraft +13, Spot +10, Speak Language: Common, Arachnae, Draconic, Goblin, Ignan, Infernal, Sylvan, Terran; Augment Summoning, Eschew Materials, Multi-Attack, Multiweapon Fighting, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Conjuration), Spell Mastery.
[i]Skill Accounting[/i] Avicular receives 50 Outsider skill points and, 27 Wizard skill points. He increased his Intelligence at 4th level to 16 and to 17 at 8th level.

[b]Wizard Spells Prepared[/b] CL 6th, Save 13 + spell level, or DC 14 + spell level + spell level for spells from the school of conjuration; prohibited schools necromancy and illusion):
[b]0th[/b] [i]Acid Splash[/i], [i]Detect Magic[/i], [i]Read Magic[/i], [i]Daze[/i], [/i]Prestidigitation[/i]
[b]1st[/b] [i]Comprehend Languages[/i], [i]Expeditious Retreat[/i], [i]Sleep[/i], [i]Summon Monster I[/i] [x2]
[b]2nd[/b] [i]Fox’s Cunning[/i], [i][Melf’s Acid Arrow[/i], [i]Summon Monster II[/i] [x2], [i]Summon Swarm[/i]
[b]3rd[/b] [i]Fly[/i], [i]Stinking Cloud[/i], [i]Summon Monster III[/i] [x2]

[b]Arachnae Fighter[/b] male Arachnae Fighter 2: [b]CR[/b] 4; medium outsider; [b]Hit Dice[/b] 2d10+2d8+12; 32 hp; [b]Int[/b] +1; [b]Spd[/b] 30 ft. (6 squares);
[b]AC[/b]22 (11 touch, 21 flat-footed); [b]BAB/Grapple[/b] +4/+8; Atk +8 Melee Glaive (1d10+6/20x3); [b]SA[/b] poison, web; [b]SQ[/b] Arachnae Traits, Darkvision 60 ft., Low-light vision [b]AL[/b] LN; [b]SV[/b] Fort +9, Ref +4, Will +3; Str 18, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8; Weight 105 lbs., Height 5ft., 1 in.

[b]Skills and Feats:[/b] Balance +10, Climb +16, Craft [web] +9, Hide +5, Intimidate +2, Listen +6, Move Silently +6, Search +9, Spot +10; Combat Reflexes, Hold the Line, Multi-attack, Multi-Weapon Fighting, Skewer
[i]Skill Accounting[/i] The Arachnae Fighters have the same skills as the base Arachnae, plus four Fighter skill points; they spent 2 points on Climb and 2 points on Intimidate
[i]Possessions[/i]: Spidersilk Breastplate, Large Shield, Glaive, Setae [x6], Longsword

[b]Arachnae Skirmisher[/b] male Arachnae Skirmisher 2: [b]CR[/b] 4; medium outsider; [b]Hit Dice[/b] 4d8+12; 32 hp; [b]Int[/b] +1; [b]Spd[/b] 30 ft. (6 squares);
[b]AC[/b]22 (11 touch, 21 flat-footed); [b]BAB/Grapple[/b] +4/+8; Atk +8 Melee Glaive (1d10+6/20x3); [b]SA[/b] poison, web; [b]SQ[/b] Arachnae Traits, Darkvision 60 ft., Low-light vision [b]AL[/b] LN; [b]SV[/b] Fort +9, Ref +10, Will +3; Str 13, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8; Weight 105 lbs., Height 5ft., 1 in.

[b]Skills and Feats:[/b] Balance +13, Climb +11, Disable Device +10, Craft [web] +9, Hide +8, Listen +5, Move Silently +9, Search +9, Sleight of Hand +10, Spot +9; Combat Reflexes, Hold the Line, Multi-attack, Multi-Weapon Fighting, Skewer
[i]Skill Accounting[/i] The Arachnae Skrimishers have the same skills as the base Arachnae, plus twelve Skirmisher skill points; they spent 6 points on Disable Device and 6 points on Sleight of Hand
[i]Possessions[/i]: Spidersilk Breastplate, Large Shield, Glaive, Setae [x6], Longsword


Avicula favors summoning giant spiders, using [i]Summon Monster III[/i] to summon 1d3 Medium Fiendish monstrous spiders, followed by [i]Summon Monster II[/i], to summon additional spiders on subsequent rounds.

The five Arachnae Fighters will form a formation akin to the pips on the ‘5’ side of a six-sided die; that is there will be one Fighter in each corner with one fighter in the space in the center. They will use Hold the Line and Skewer to impale anyone that moves on their formation. Remaining in formation, they’ll move to the bridge, with the intention of forcing the party to enter a square that contains sleep poppies.

The five Arachnae Skirmishers will use their mobility and Shot on the Run to launch setae at the party while moving off. They will remain in a spread formation, leaving the area and returning as necessary. If the party has sufficient mobility, they will attempt to move into a position behind the fighter formation. At that point, they will use attacks that make opponents more vulnerable, like using webs to ensare PCs, or attempting to start a grapple.

In the event that the fight goes poorly, Avincula will flee using [i]fly[/i].

[size=14][b]New Creature – Arachnae[/b][/size]

Arachnae are a race of extra-planar warriors combining the most terrifying features of giant tarantulas and humanoids. While their exact lineage remains unknown some scholars suspect based on their lawful bent that they owe their military acumen to hobgoblin ancestry, but perhaps it is just the result of hailing from Acheron. What is not in doubt is their formidable nature. They possess the hardened exoskeleton of the spiders the most resemble, covered in what appears to be fur. The proper term for these hairy spikes are setae, and they truly more closely resemble the needles on a cactus than mammalian fur. Armed with a poisonous bite, versatile claws, webs, and the ability to launch these setae like darts Arachnae are dangerous by design - combined with their penchant to wear armor, utilize shields and fight with sophisticated tactics - the Arachnae pose a more nightmarish threat than any mere spider could.

[b]Physical Description[/b]

Arachnae appear generally humanoid, albeit possessing eight limbs rather than four. Most stand approximately five and half feet tall. They owe their shorter standing to both the oddly wide-legged stance they affect due to their swollen abdomen. They stand on four of their appendages, using the other four as arms. This gives them surprising stability considering how thin their legs appear in relation to their body. The Arachnae have a large thorax where all their appendages are joined. They have no appreciable neck - instead their head appears practically fused to their body. They cannot nod or twist their head, but they have eyes spaced all around granting them some of the best visual acuity of the sentient races. Their mouth is hidden behind a pair of thick pedipalps - limb-like appendages that can help maneuver food, giving them a faintly buck-toothed visage. Arachnae appear to be covered with fur, though this is not actually hair and is properly termed setae. Colorations vary wildly - some appear to be nearly skeletal white, shades of brown and black are common, but even pink and bright blue and not unheard of.

Arachnae typically weigh between 100-150 pounds, with females being notably larger than males. Arachnae speak the common tongue, as well as a language of high-pitch clicks, most of which is inaudible to human ears. What is striking is that they do not have the vocal range of humans - they make the same noises by artfully rubbing their pedipalps against their fangs or each other. This gives them an unusual vocal tone, not unlike a talking violin.


Arachnae are tactically adept fighters. They are familiar with fighting in formations, and know that discipline and specialization are keys to victory. Arachnae will attempt to utilize terrain to their advantage. While dangerous from birth, Arachnae train as a number of specialized classes. Arachnae count numerous Fighters, Skirmishers and Wizards among their number. Typically, skirmishers will attempt to engage the enemy running forward to hurl setae or javelins at their opponents, before withdrawing behind a formation of fighters with heavy shields and glaives set to receive the enemy. Once the enemy commits to engaging the more heavily armed and armored infantry, the skirmishers will attack from the flank attempting to ensnare opponents in web-nets, allowing the infantry to attack with advantage.

[b]Arachane Society[/b]

Arachnae were bred as super-soldiers for an unending war. They believe in a carefully organized society with every member ready to wage war for their kin. However, they are not as dedicated to war and victory as their creator had intended. When possible, Arachane have escaped to form colonies across the various planes.

Left to their own devices, Arachnae prefer an arboreal existence. They will make webs in and between large trees. They can frequently subsist entirely on birds, bats, and other flying creatures that find themselves ensnared.

Like other intelligent races, Arachnae can find themselves in many different circumstances. Some organized bands will turn to banditry in part to prove their superiority in the art of warfare as much as for the wealth it can generate.

Arachnae are skilled at crafting items from their webs including armor. Due to their unusual physionatomy, worn items like clothing and armor must be specially designed for Arachnae characters, and the base cost is doubled. Information on spider-silk armor is included in the New Items section.

[b]Arachnae as Characters[/b]
+2 Strength, +2 Constitution. Arachnae are bred for war, and are both strong and tough.

Medium: As medium creatures, Arachnae have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

An Arachnae character’s base land speed is 30 feet.

Darkvision: Arachnae can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but is otherwise like normal sight, and Arachnae can function just fine with no light at all.

Low-Light Vision: Arachnae can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar conditions of poor illumination. She retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

All-Around Vision: An Arachnae’s eyes look in all directions at once, providing a +4 racial bonus on Spot and Search checks. An Arachnae can’t be flanked.

Racial Skills: +4 Balance, +4 Climb, +4 Craft (web)

Multi-Attack as a bonus feat. As trained warriors, Arachnae are adept at fighting with their substantial natural arsenal.

Multi-weapon fighting as a bonus feat. Arachnae can wield up to four weapons at once. Arachane can use two arms to wield a single two-handed weapon.

Stability: Arachnae are exceptionally stable due to their extra limbs. Arachnae receive a +4 bonus on ability checks made to resist being bull rushed or tripped while standing or climbing.

Immunity to Sleep.

+4 Natural Armor

Natural weapons: 2 claws (1d4), bite (1d6 plus poison), and setae (1d8, range increment 20 feet)

Poison: Arachnae have a poisonous bite. The initial and secondary damage is1d4 Strength. The save DCs are constitution based.

Web: Arachnae can throw a web eight times per day. This is similar to an attack with a net, but has a maximum range of 50 feet, a range increment of 10 feet, and is effective against targets up to one size larger than the Arachnae. An entangled creature can escape with a successful Escape Artist check (DC 13) or burst it with a Strength check (DC 17). Both are standard actions. The check DCs are Constitution-based, and the Strength check DC includes a +4 racial bonus.

Setae Defense: Each Arachnae’s body is covered with spines that are surprisingly sharp. When engaged in a grapple, opponents automatically take 1d8+Str points of piercing damage from the setae.

Automatic Languages: Common and Arachnae. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages such as Druidic)

Level Adjustment: +4

[b]Arachnae[/b] Medium Outsider (Native)
[b]Hit Dice[/b] 2d8+2 (11 hit points)
[b]Initiative[/b] +0
[b]Speed[/b] 30 feet (6 squares)
[b]Armor Class[/b] 21 (+5 Spider-silk Breastplate, +4 natural, +2 Shield), touch 10, flat-footed 21
[b]Base Attack/Grapple[/b] +2/+3
[b]Attack[/b] Melee Glaive +3 (1d10+2/20x3) or +3 Longsword (1d10+1/19-20x2) or ranged Setae +2 (1d8+1/20x3)
[b]Full Attack[/b] Melee Glaive +3 (1d10+2/20x3) and +3 Longsword (1d10+1/19-20x2) and bite +1 (1d6+2 plus poison) or ranged +2 Setae (1d8+1/20x3).
[b]Space/Reach[/b] 5ft/5ft. (10 ft. reach with Glaive)
[b]Special Attacks[/b] Poison, Setae Defense, Throw Setae, Web
[b]Special Qualities[/b] Darkvision 60 ft, Low-Light Vision, Arachnae Traits
[b]Saves[/b] Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +3
[b]Abilities[/b] Str 13, Dex 11, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10
[b]Skills[/b] Balance +9, Climb +11, Craft [web] +9, Hide +5, Listen +5, Move Silently +5, Search +9, Spot +9
[b]Feats[/b] Multiattack, Multi-weapon fighting, Skewer*
[b]Environment[/b] Any, especially right behind you
[b]Organization[/b] Squad (2-12 plus 1 sergeant of 4th-6th level), Platoon, 12-24 level 2 plus 1 sergeant of level 4 per 10), Maniple (60-120 plus 1 sergeant of 4th-6th level per 20 and 1 leader of 6th-8th level).
[b]Challenge Rating[/b] 2
[b]Treasure[/b] Standard
[b]Alignment[/b] Usually Lawful Evil
[b]Advancement[/b] 3-4HD (Medium); 5-6 HD (Large); or by Character Class
[b]Level Adjustment[/b] +4
*New Feat

[size=14][b]New Class – Skirmisher[/b][/size]

[b]Alignment[/b] Any
[b]Hit Die[/b] d8.
[b]Class Skills[/b]
The skirmisher’s class skills (and key ability for each skill) are: Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Disable Device (Int), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex)

[b]Skill Points at 1st Level[/b]
(6 + Int modifier) x4.

[b]Skill Points at Each Additional Level[/b]
4 + Int modifier

[b]Class Features[/b]

All of the following are class features of the Skirmisher.

[b]Weapon and Armor Proficiency[/b]
A skirmisher is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, and shields (except tower shields).

[b]Bonus Feats[/b]
A skirmisher receives Dodge and Mobility as bonus feats at 1st level, and does not need to meet the requirements. A skirmisher receives Point Blank Shot and Shot on the Run as bonus feats at 2nd level, and does not need to meet the requirements. A skirmisher receives Spring Attack at 9th level, and Pounce at 12th level.

[b]Fast Movement[/b]
A skirmisher gains a +10 foot enhancement bonus to her base land speed. This increases at 6th level, 12th level, and 18th level.

[b]Skirmish (Ex)[/b]
A skirmisher relies on mobility to deal extra damage. She deals skirmish damage on all attacks she makes during any round in which she moves at least 10 feet. This otherwise works like the Scout’s skirmish ability.

A skirmisher may take an additional move action once per day beginning at 2nd level. This allows a skirmisher to move, attack, and move again. Alternatively, a skirmisher with multiple attacks may use dash to move, then make a full attack.

[b]Full Attack on the Run[/b]
At 6th level, when using an ability that allows movement both before and after an attack, a skirmisher may make a full attack.

[b]Ranged Attack on Opportunity[/b]
When a target within 60’ of a skirmisher provokes an attack of opportunity by performing a distracting act, the skirmisher may make an attack using a ranged weapon.

[b]Free Movement[/b]
At 18th level, a Skirmisher is treated as under the effects of a [i]freedom of movement spell[/i].

[r][h]Level[/h] [h]Base Attack[/h] [h]Fort Save[/h] [h]Ref Save[/h] [h]Will Save[/h] [h]Special[/h] [/r]
[r][c]1[/c] [c]+1[/c] [c]+2[/c] [c]+2[/c] [c]+0[/c] [c]Dodge, Mobility, Fast Movement +10; Skirmish +1d6[/c] [/r]
[r][c]2[/c] [c]+2[/c] [c]+3[/c] [c]+3[/c] [c]+0[/c] [c]Dash 1/day, Point Blank Shot, Shot on the Run[/c] [/r]
[r][c]3[/c] [c]+3[/c] [c]+3[/c] [c]+3[/c] [c]+1[/c] [c]Skirmish +2d6[/c] [/r]
[r][c]4[/c] [c]+4[/c] [c]+4[/c] [c]+4[/c] [c]+1[/c] [c]Dash 2/day[/c] [/r]
[r][c]5[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]+4[/c] [c]+4[/c] [c]+1[/c] [c]Skirmish +3d6[/c][/r]
[r][c]6[/c] [c]+6/+1[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]+2[/c] [c]Dash 3/day, Fast Movement +20, Full Attack on the Run[/c] [/r]
[r][c]7[/c] [c]+7/+2[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]+2[/c] [c]Skirmish +4d6 [/c] [/r]
[r][c]8[/c] [c]+8/+3[/c] [c]+6[/c] [c]+6[/c] [c]+2[/c] [c]Dash 4/day[/c] [/r]
[r][c]9[/c] [c]+9/+4[/c] [c]+6[/c] [c]+6[/c] [c]+3[/c] [c]Skirmish +5d6, Spring Attack[/c] [/r]
[r][c]10[/c] [c]+10/+5[/c] [c]+7[/c] [c]+7[/c] [c]+3[/c] [c]Dash 5/day[/c] [/r]
[r][c]11[/c] [c]+11/+6/+1[/c] [c]+7[/c] [c]+7[/c] [c]+3[/c] [c]Skirmish +6d6 [/c] [/r]
[r][c]12[/c] [c]+12/+7/+2[/c] [c]+8[/c] [c]+8[/c] [c]+4[/c] [c]Dash 6/day, Fast Movement +30, Pounce[/c] [/r]
[r][c]13[/c] [c]+13/+8/+3[/c] [c]+8[/c] [c]+8[/c] [c]+4[/c] [c]Skirmish +7d6 [/c] [/r]
[r][c]14[/c] [c]+14/+9/+4[/c] [c]+9[/c] [c]+9[/c] [c]+4[/c] [c]Dash 7/day[/c] [/r]
[r][c]15[/c] [c]+15/+10/+5[/c] [c]+9[/c] [c]+9[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]Ranged Attack of Opportunity, Skirmish +8d6, [/c] [/r]
[r][c]16[/c] [c]+16/+11/+6/+1[/c] [c]+10[/c] [c]+10[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]Dash 8/day, Fast Movement +40[/c] [/r]
[r][c]17[/c] [c]+17/+12/+7/+2[/c] [c]+10[/c] [c]+10[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]Skirmish +9d6 [/c] [/r]
[r][c]18[/c] [c]+18/+13/+8/+3[/c] [c]+11[/c] [c]+11[/c] [c]+6[/c] [c]Dash 9/day, Free Movement[/c] [/r]
[r][c]19[/c] [c]+19/+14/+9/+4[/c] [c]+11[/c] [c]+11[/c] [c]+6[/c] [c]Skirmish +10d6 [/c] [/r]
[r][c]20[/c] [c]+20/+15/+10/+5[/c] [c]+12[/c] [c]+12[/c] [c]+6[/c] [c]Dash 10/day [/c] [/r]

[size=14][b]New Items[/b][/size]

[b]Sleep Poppy[/b] In rocky, well drained soil, close to a water source thrives the sleep poppy, so named because it induces fatigue and sleep. Intentionally inhaling the scent of the flower or walking through a space occupied by sleep poppies requires an immediate Endurance save DC 16, with a failure causing Fatigue and a failure by 5 or more causing a creature to fall asleep (as though affected by [i]sleep[/i], but without a Hit Die limit. Characters that are well-rested (having slept eight or more hours in the last 12 hours) gain a +4 bonus to this save. Characters that are fatigued save at -4 and characters that are exhausted save at -8. Due to the concentration of the pollen, a character that occupies a square with poppies takes an additional -1 on their save for each additional adjacent square with poppies. Characters that fall asleep may make a new save every hour or each time someone attempts to wake them (a full action). Characters that are immune to sleep or poison are not affected. Characters apply any penalties or bonuses to saves against poison.

Example: Tordek enters a square with Sleep poppies from the West. There are five additional squares with poppies adjacent (N, NE, E, SE, S). Tordek has been awake for 4 hours. The base DC is 16, +5 for the adjacent poppies for a total DC of 21. Tordek receives a +4 to his save for having slept recently as well as his +2 Dwarven racial bonus against poisons. He will make a DC 21 save with a +6 bonus; failure by 5 or more will result in him falling asleep.

[b]Sleep Poppy Arrow[/b] (20gp)

This is simply a sack of Sleep Poppy pollen sewn into a sack that is designed to rupture upon contact. A sleep arrow does no damage, but anyone struck must make an immediate save against fatigue (with failure by 5 or more indicating they immediately fall into a deep sleep). While these are most often attached to arrows, they can be attached to other ranged weapons, or even used as sling ammunition.

[b]Sleep Poppy Syrup[/b] (50 gp)

While the pollen of the sleep poppy causes fatigue and induces sleep, it is possible to alchemically alter the pollen to create a syrup. If consumed, the syrup provides a +4 bonus on any saves related to pain (such as from a [i]symbol of pain[/i]). A character experiencing a painful effect may consume Sleep Poppy Syrup and make a new save with a +4 bonus.

[b]Spidersilk[/b] Gossamer strands of this material are stronger than steel on a pound for pound basis, and can be woven to form a defensive garment. Any light or medium armor (padded, leather, studded leather, chain shirt, hide, scale mail, chainmail, or breastplate) can be made from spidersilk. It retains the same armor bonus, but the maximum dexterity bonus is increased by 4, the armor check penalty is reduced by 4, and the spell failure is reduced by 25% (to a minimum of zero). Because spidersilk is so light (1/10 the weight of metal items), medium armors are treated as light armor and do not reduce movement speed.

A simple shirt can be woven from spidersilk and can be worn under heavy armor. In this case, it increases the armor bonus provided by the heavy armor by +1, but does not add any additional armor check or spell failure chance. This counts as light armor for the purpose of determining cost.

Because spidersilk is so difficult to work with, light armors woven from spidersilk cost +2000 gp and medium armors cost +5000 gp. All items made from spidersilk are considered masterwork (and the masterwork costs and benefits are included in the description above.

[r][h]Armor[/h] [h]Cost[/h] [h]Armor Bonus[/h] [h]Max Dex[/h] [h]Armor Check[/h] [h]Arcane Spell Fail[/h] [h]Weight[/h] [/r]
[r][c]Spidersilk Padded[/c] [c]2005[/c] [c]+1[/c] [c]+12[/c] [c]0[/c] [c]0%[/c] [c]1 lb[/c] [/r]
[r][c]Spidersilk Leather[/c] [c]2010[/c] [c]+2[/c] [c]+10[/c] [c]0[/c] [c]0%[/c] [c]1.5 lb[/c] [/r]
[r][c]Spidersilk Studded Leather[/c] [c]2025[/c] [c]+3[/c] [c]+9[/c] [c]0[/c] [c]0%[/c] [c]2 lb[/c] [/r]
[r][c]Spidersilk Chain Shirt[/c] [c]2100[/c] [c]+4[/c] [c]+8[/c] [c]0[/c] [c]0%[/c] [c]2.5 lb[/c] [/r]
[r][c]Spidersilk Hide[/c] [c]2015[/c] [c]+3[/c] [c]+8[/c] [c]0[/c] [c]0%[/c] [c]2.5 lb[/c] [/r]
[r][c]Spidersilk Scale Mail[/c] [c]2050[/c] [c]+4[/c] [c]+7[/c] [c]0[/c] [c]0%[/c] [c]2.5 lb[/c] [/r]
[r][c]Spidersilk Chain Mail[/c] [c]2150[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]+6[/c] [c]0[/c] [c]5%[/c] [c]2.5 lb[/c] [/r]
[r][c]Spidersilk Breastplate[/c] [c]2200[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]+5[/c] [c]0[/c] [c]0%[/c] [c]2.5 lb[/c] [/r]

[size=14][b]New Feat[/b][/size]
[b]Skewer[/b] [General]
Your piercing attacks impede your opponent, preventing them from moving.
[b]Prerequisite[/b] Base Attack Bonus +1
[b]Benefit[/b] When you strike an opponent with a melee piercing weapon (such as a spear), you may make a grapple check. If you succeed, your opponent is considered grappled, but you are not. Your opponent remains grappled until they escape and take automatic weapon damage every round on your turn. You may release your opponent as a free action. While your opponent is skewered on your weapon, the weapon used does not threaten an area and cannot be used to make other attacks.

[size=14][b]Using this Entry[/b][/size]

This submission makes the assumption that the party randomly encounters this group of Arachnae, but there are additional ways to use this. The party might have been informed of the presence of extra-planar creatures by residents of the nearby town. As the Arachnae are subsisting on area birds, it is possible that a druid or a character that speaks to animals asks the party to investigate ‘strange new spiders in the area’ that the birds have developed a deep-seated fear of.

It is not required that the party engage in combat. The fact that the Arachnae are unfamiliar with the area means that while they are initially unfriendly, may be convinced to trust the party to find a safer place to relocate. Of course, a new, militant race with a foothold in civilized territory may pose a new set of problems.

The battlemap is my own creation and can be used for an encounter with giant spiders or ettercaps just as easily. Alternatively, the Arachnae can be replaced with hobgoblins, or a similarly tactically-minded militarized race. Incidentally, I'm keen on making more of these, so if you have an encounter where one would be useful, I'm happy to put it together based on your sketch.