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Corcoran's Heroes

Butter You Up

Good morning, afternoon, day, and evening. I hope this post finds you all in good health. I know I haven't been around in some time, and I apologize for my absence. A lot has changed in the couple of years it has been since we moved back from Japan. In so many words, I finished my Masters, immediately got a job teaching at Bakersfield College, and my free time has gone from some to none. Hopefully, once my first semester is done, that will change.

To get to the point...

This is a bit different than what I've posted on here in the past, as it involves helping people other than ourselves. I don't mean to be on my high horse or soapbox, but I am posting this in an effort to appeal to your goodwill and sense of giving. More on that in a moment.

As some of you may know, I am a community college professor who teaches within the California State Penitentiary System. As a firm believer in Inmate rehabilitation, I often find other ways to drive rehabilitation outside of classroom teaching. At one of my facilities - California State Prison Corcoran - I have recently become aware of a group called "Corcoran's Heroes." This is a role-playing group inside of the prison who are granted program time during their incarceration (5:30 - 8:00 pm T/TH) to game.

WHAT A FUCKING AWESOME WAY REHAB!! I will get to what I am asking momentarily, but first, I thought it would be good to introduce the group in their own words.

The purpose of the group is as follows:
1) Employ the use of role playing in a unique, creative environment for the purpose of educating and rehabilitating.
2) Using a self help style approach to re-framing the thought process and self imposed limitations/separations typically encouraged by the criminal lifestyle.
3) To encourage the use of reading, writing, and math so as to help further educate all participants.
4) To prepare inmates for reentry into society, in an effort to reduce recidivism and decrease the risk to public safety by using the following skills: communication, skill building, conflict resolution, anger management, reading, writing, mathematics, victim's impact, denial management, and social economics.
5) To help educate group participants in ways of developing positive responsible behaviors, values, and mature decision making skills.

Membership is available to anyone who wants to game.

My favorite part: if you miss 3 consecutive gaming meetings, you will be dropped from the membership list (lol yesssss). If anyone would like to see the official memorandum regarding the group's legitimacy, just send me a DM and I will get it to you.

Ok, so what's the point of this?

The point is simply this:
This group (and groups like it) are extremely vulnerable in this atmosphere. They rely on outside donations to ensure they keep going. That's where we all come in. No doubt, we all have some gaming/RPG rulebooks, assets, etc. that we could do without. Well, if that describes you, then this group could really use your help. Keep in mind that this is a completely positive way for a group of society's most at risk members to rehabilitate and stay on the right path during their stay within a maximum security facility. Anything will help.

Here is a list of what can be donated, should you feel the need:
- Roleplaying Books: rulebooks. Any game system will work.
- Game mats/flip mats
- Dry erase markers/crayons
- Character sheets/folios: if you send an RPG book, send character sheets. Easy as that.
- Sheet protectors: gotta keep them sheets clean.
- Polyhedral Dice (d20/12/10/8/6/4): 2 sets of 7 per order/4 sets max (I legit don't really know how many that is, but it's on the sheet)
- Miniatures (Pewter/Plastic only): no limit
- Tiles (Paper/Wood/Plastic only): no limit
- Magic the Gathering Cards: CURRENTLY NOT ALLOWED FOR SOME FUCKING REASON --> in the process of being approved

OK, so that's my post. If you have anything you are willing to part with, please send me a DM or respond directly on here and I will get a hold of you. Being inside a facility, I really cannot emphasize how much of a different this makes in these guys' lives. Having something to look forward to, the hope of gaming, the fun of camaraderie, it really makes a difference. So, please, if you can part with anything, please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Let's make gaming a cornerstone of rehabilitation.

- Jeff

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First, glad to see you posting again. I don't know you Jeff but you have always came off as a solid dude. Hope you and the wife are well.

I don't game much anymore but could send money for a book. I would want nudes of you as well, of course, and I am not sure if that is a deal breaker.

You're doing a good thing man. Let's get something together. Let me know!

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You know me well enough to know that nudes would be a main part of this deal, so I’d say that’s pretty good.

Seriously though, I really appreciate the assist. I plan on getting an inventory of what they currently have, and then assess what would be best to donate. I’ll keep you updated.

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I just wanted to bump this again in case anyone wanted to (and didn't post) donate, get any more details. From what I hear, they currently have a copy of the dnd rulebook 3.5, I believe, some character sheets, etc.

They could always use battle maps, dice, miniatures and dry erase markers. Other rulebooks would also be very cool, but the format would need to be PDF to then be printed (by me). Absolutely no hard covers would be my assumption, but I will verify tonight.