Happy birthday, Darker!

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Happy birthday, Darker!

Today marks Darker's 40th trip around the sun. As I'm currently ending the term of my own 40th trip around the sun, please allow me to share some insight into what can be expected.

Your knees will pop. Constantly. If you've held a secret side business as a ninja for hire, that shit's over now.

And at least one of your hips will ache, even if you're not actively using it. You yourself are no longer allowed to be "hip," and attempts to do so will come across as sad.

This is the point when people who aren't even young themselves start to automatically think of you as "old." You will probably agree with them.

Your doctor is increasingly likely to make more insistent passes at you, telling you it's "just a prostate check." He won't even hold you afterward.

Welcome to the old timer club, buddy. Feel free to come join me on the porch, yelling at kids to pull up their damned pants and waxing nostalgic about how all values and morals have gone to hell since we were young in the golden age of the 90's.

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As someone just shy of 60 days into my 40th orbit, I am assured that these things don't happen all at once. No, just when you start to think that 40 isn't that bad (about 6 months in) they jump out at you. Some catastrophic health failure is stalking you now. Maybe hip pain, maybe popping knees, but it might be worse... You'll know before your next birthday. :) So enjoy this one to the fullest!

Happy birthday!

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I haven't started my 40th orbit, but I think I broke ahead of the curve by marrying my doctor.

Wæs se grimma gæst Grendel haten,
mære mearcstapa, se þe moras heold

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Happy birthday, hopefully none of those things happen to you.
We are having a birthday here too for my husband & finding an ice cream cake without freezer burn at 9 at night isn't going so well...


Thanks! Some of these things seem pretty familiar. I've noticed complaints to the doctor get met with "that's normal, you are just getting old" and I don't like it.

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